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November 19, 2006


I'm not a historic preservation buff, but I can certainly appreciate your efforts to lovingly resotre your home ... and, I do appreciate the efforts of historic preservation committees (who may seem intrusive) but who find it culturally of value to maintain the integrity of buildings that represent our history (not to mention fabulous construction!!) About the ghost ... well, that does not seem out of the realm of possibility & I hope to hear more!!
much peace to you and Kendall,

As someone who watches 3 hours of HGTV per weeknight, this is right up my alley! Thanks for the links.

As someone who has actually visited your home, I should mention that it is an amazing experience. When you walk inside, you are transported to another time. Los Angeles is terrible at maintaining historic structures without turning them into shopping malls or parking garages. I think it is very important to have connections to the past. I only wish there were more public structures as interesting as your home.

Ever since working in the Lower Downtown Denver Historic District in the early '90s, I've been obsessed with historic buildings. I was honored to see your home, and strongly felt it was still haunted by the benign spirits of previous occupants.

Historic preservation is difficult as hell. Currently, there aren't sufficient economic incentives to achieve it on a widespread basis. But it's happening, little by little. Your block is a great example, and your house is the jewel in the crown.

Danny! I saw the rerun... I'm in love with your house! Especially those floors. I thought both you and Kendall did very well.

Not only did you find the perfect person to marry (I became convinced of that after reading Kendall's book), you were lucky enough to find the perfect house to live in too.

It does take a certain kind of person to be able to walk into an abused old house and see what it could once again become. I grew up in a house built in 1763, and through my entire childhood (and adulthood) I watched my father painstakingly restore it room by room. Sadly, my father passed away a few years ago, and even though it's still nowhere close to being finished even after 25 years of constant restoration work, my mother still lives there. I supposed it's because you can not only see the 200 year old elements but you can also see my father everywhere you turn. Even though the house is almost 4000 square feet (it used to be an inn) it feels small and comfortable because you're enveloped in so much love that has built up over the centuries.
Growing up in the midst of all of this, I have an intense love of historic homes and antiques. I can walk into an old home and physically feel its past. When I go through a flea market I have to touch every piece of furniture I see, I suppose just to make that temporary link with the past.
Great job with the house, it definitely could be a life long project, but obviously one that will continue to be gratifying.

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