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October 05, 2006


This is why American politics is beginning to make people sick. It's like a game where we are rooting for the home team. You rarely hear anyone say anything positive about someone not in your party, or vice versa -- with the aim of political life seems to be to find an Achilles heel in the other side to them look bad. Foley has serious problems and everyone in the House should want him arrested. Republicans shouldn't be making excuses and Democrats shouldn't be using this as an excuse to call Republicans a bunch of creeps. None of this does the voting public a service, because both parties just treat us like a bunch of idiots.

The television commercials for California's November elections are already on TV, and as usual they say very little other than tearing down the other guy. No one says what they are going to do in office. It's just the other candidate is in the pockets of big business or big labor or the candidate's face is morphed into George Bush or some serial killer. It's this type of political environment that helps produce all the hypocrisy and nonsense that surrounds the Foley case. I predict that there will be a whole slew of Democrats elected to office by running a campaign that they "aren't George Bush" rather than putting forth any ideas of their own.

I think it's time for me to pretend that news and politics don't exist for the next 34 days. I am already starting to have panic attacks. I'll get all of my news from your blog, Danny -- how about that?

I agree Danny...What a mess this all is...And that each side it using this terrible situation to feather their political nests....OY!

As you point out: just as we Jews say "Oy vey" when the offender is a member of our tribe, I wonder if the gay community is uttering a similar worry. But we should see any of our own miscreants as individuals -- not reflecting on us or tarnishing our lantsmans' good deeds. Foley represents only himself (okay, maybe some holier-than-thou Republicans), and his pathetic behavior says nothing about gays.

I am at a loss for words. Can you believe that? That's why I am so pleased you wrote this post. Because I agree with every single word you have used here, Danny.

I mean, every single one.

Thank you.

Election year... ads... scandals ... so ... tired ... must ... sleep ...

Thank you for reinvigorating me.

Incredibly well stated. The way the spin doctors are trying to deflect the damage is almost as disturbing as the actual crime ... and yes, it is a crime and he should be punished. My heart goes out to the victims (and their families).

Again, very eloquently put, Danny. This has nothing to do with homosexuality - and everything to do with hypocrisy on the part of many, and with predatorial behavior on the part of a sick man.

The whole thing gives me a headache. Such hopeless, circular politics. Excellent post - thanks for going ahead and saying what was on your mind.

I can so relate to the "holding my breath" feeling... when you're fighting the good fight for civil rights, you cringe at the squeaky wheels whose actions turn an unfavorable light on the community. I may never get rid of that metality, myself... the holding of my breath. I assumed Foley was not gay. And then I wished he wasn't.
But, one step forward, two steps back is still forward movement. And I'll be grateful for every inch.
Great post.

great post Danny...I love how you always manage to say what's in my head.

It's disgusting that American politics is always reduced to protecting the party at all costs, that words and votes are bartered for power and not used for the common good.

Personally, I think it's hilarious. There's nothing I enjoy more than seeing these holier-than-thou, self-appointed guardians of our morals shown up for the hypocrites they truly are.

Schadenfreude, the Germans call it.

I completely agree. No additions necessary. You've said it all!

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