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October 30, 2006


Oh My Dears....So sorry to read this sad news...(Maybe it wasm't such a good idea to name them after those two rather eccentric
Truly, I am so very sorry Danny & Kendall...I hope and pray that there will be a "next time" and that it will be "the Charm" as they say...My heart goes out to you both.

Truly sorry about this, Danny. I can't fully imagine what you and Kendall are going through now, but I know you will pull through, and if you give it another try, may it be a success.

I had no idea part of THE PRESTIGE was filmed at your house. This makes me want to see it all the more!

I've only just discovered your blog now. I'm sorry that the transfer wasn't successful. I've been down that road myself; I know how stressful it is, and how devastating it is when it fails. I wish you and Kendall strength to continue trying.


Dear Danny and Kendall,
Such courageous and wonderful people! My thoughts are with you. There is so much in this post even though it seems so short for a Danny Miller post. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

Will go see "The Prestige" at my earliest convenience.

Much, much love to you both, and special wishes to Leah as well.

So sorry for your loss. Strength to you and your lovely wife.

Sorry about the eggies doing their own thing. My sister-in-law went through quite an ordeal but six month old Benjamin has proved to be worth all the efforts.
I keep hearing amazing things about the Prestige, and also "the boyfriend" (always in quotes) does set dressing, so I found your description doubly interesting; he has described to me the efforts taken and then how you don't see most of it.
I didn't go to any until my 20th, and what a surprising good time that was! Amazing, considering how much I hated school.
Blessings to your family.

Oh, and their pictures were so cute. Drat. I will still hold good thoughts for you and Kendall.

I'm sorry for you that things didn't work out...THIS TIME. Yes, hopefully there will be a NEXT TIME. It should be with "mazel"!

Wow, 30th year anniversary. So nice that you have felt that bond with your school all these years, enough to go back, again and again.

Im sorry to hear about your loss. It was great to see you at the reunion. I agree this reunion was better then the previous two. I dont know about you, but I was getting a little depressed after a while. Although it was fun to see most of the classmates, I looked around the room and some people looked like life had taken a toll on them. Some of our classmates are still stuck on themselves just like in high school. One in particular. I wish your brother in law was there to give him some music lessions.

I'm sorry Danny..thinking of you and Kendall.. keep the faith..

Ah yes, keep up the hope, Danny. Best wishes to you and Kendall. Very cool about the house in a movie, I'll have to catch it. 30th high school reunion?? I have 8 years to go, but doubt I'll subject myself to an evening of trying to figure out who is who (I was terrible at my 10th & skipped the 20th!) cheers, much peace, and good thoughts to you and yours, JP

So sorry to hear the sad news, but I have faith that you've got good things ahead of you. That movie-set stuff is amazing, isn't it? They used to film stuff at Bob's seminary all the time (Mona Lisa Smile was filmed there and Law and Order films there on a regular basis), and I was always amazed by the transformations.

Hi sorry to hear about A and B. It was so good to see you at the reunion! You all did a great job. I agree with Caren, to bad your brother in law couldn't be there. At the next reunion I hope there isn't a piano around!!! Take care and keep on trying!!

We went through 3 miscarriages and "mild" infertility before conceiving our DD in part through gonal-f and other drugs. I was 41 1/2 when she was born.

Be brave and persevere. Remember, its never easy being Jewish.

Its a New Year and I hope yours will be blessed with a healthy baby

Danny and Kendall,
My heart goes out to you. I want to give you a big hug. We'll be in in L.A. in 10 days, so I'll hug you then. I'll call as soon as we arrive.

Danny, I'm glad your reunion went so well.


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