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October 13, 2006


I'm a big Sondheim fan and I saw the Elaine Stritch show here in Boston. She's still got legs. But more importantly, I'm looking forward to hearing more about the Privacy Room....

Danny, good luck on the "treatment". Wishing you and Kendall the best. I have heard about those privacy rooms, my girlfriend is a nurse! LOL!! See you at the reunion!!

Are you going to see Carrie's show at The Geffen this year ("Wishful Drinking")... it looks like it will be fun. :)

I just saw a community version of Follies a few weeks ago. I had never seen it before and was astounded by the number of good... numbers it offered, including that one.
I love the Shirley moment where she sings "I got through all of last year" (when in her character's case, her last year was all about rehab).

I think the privacy room is different in every clinic. When we did IVF, it was a closet-sized room with a TV and tapes and a chair. There was a magazine rack. It was small, crowded with stuff, and definately not condusive to 'helping'. If you get my drift!

Oh boy. I can't wait to read your take on the joys and horrors of fertility clinics. Good luck to both of you! (Kendall is obviously far braver than I could ever be.)

I just heard that etrog "helps" with fertility, so you might want to run out to the nearest kosher mart and stock up on etrog marmelade and liquer. Every bit of science and superstition helps, right?

Best of luck with the treatments!

P.S. I had dinner with the Chicago Rabbi Edwards and he'd heard of you from the LA Rabbi Edwards. He sends his greetings!

I like your blog very much.
Good luck with the treatment.
Hope to read your new essay soon.
Take care.

Last year at this time I was reading the blogs of four women who had been struggling to get pregnant for at least two years--ages from late 20s to 40s. Various types of problems and fertility treatments. All of them are now pregnant--one is pregnant with twins!

I wish you and your wife the same happy ending.

Oh my dear Danny...The "Privacy" room sounds like it might have been invited by The Nazi's...! UGH UGH UGH!
I hope that you and Kendall get the results you are working on....And give Kendall a big hug for me...Having to give herself shots twice a day....!
Good Luck with your article, my dear!


That should have read INVENTED....! (LOL)

Don't tell me that they only have Golf Magazine in there, like my family doctor has in his waiting room.

Be brave. After 3 m/cs and finding the right RE, we did one cycle of injectibles and have a beautiful healthy DD who just turned 7. I was 41 at the time of her birth. is a great site with wonderful boards and tons of info and friends. I am still in touch with some of my infertility group from back in 99. Keep us all posted.

Oh, I agree with Kat. Inciid is a great site. As for privacy rooms and all that, I remember my husband saying that the guy who directed him there said, in a veddy british voice, "you've got the dirty magazines there and the dirty movies here." Afterwards, he told me it was like a bad Monty Python episode. Hang in there.

I'll miss reading your blog while you are otherwise engaged. Best wishes to you and Kendall. I hope you have a baby soon!

I LOVE the Barbra Streisand version of this song. It includes the line "I kept my nose to spite my face". Marvellous.

Love your blog.

Who can help me find the lyrics of Shirley Mac Laine's version of "I'm still here" from the movie "Postcards from the edge" ?
I already searched the Internet without success.
I would be ever so thankful if anyone could help me.

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