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October 18, 2006


This is the first time I'm rendered speechless by a post. What is the proper thing to say in this situation -- "Good luck?" I need to check my Modern Emily Post.

I'm rooting for all of you.

That's pretty intense, Danny. Best of luck to you, Kendall, A, & B.

Am completely grateful that you share this with us. What an amazing journey you two are on! While I wait to hear what Neil's etiquette research comes up with, I will be holding you all in my thoughts.

Gosh, first day in the petri dish and they're already under the uncomfortable microscope of quality assurance professionals. TQM has gone too far. Glad to hear they meet FDA standards and are fit to be little Millers. My message to them--hang in there. Literally!

Awwww, could my potential neice/nieces and/or nephew/nephews
be any cuter???

your sister

Amazing stuff, Danny. Wishing you and Kendall, and A & B the best of luck.

But they could both make it, too -- right?

And would your readers thereby have earned the right to call them Big Edie and Little Edie, regardless of their actual names (or genders)?


Oh,there are much worse names you could have given them, lol.

Congrats, crossing fingers. :)

OMG Danny, so excited for you and Kendall...keeping everything crossed!!!

Wishing you and Kendall, and A and B well Danny.

Danny, wishing you and Kendall much luck in the days, weeks, and months ahead. I hope that you will be blessed...

Fingers crossed. B seems to be more my type, too, but I'm hoping they both make it, and I will adore both equally, if they do. I can't imagine anything would be much funnier than any posts you might write about raising twins.

I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for you guys. I've been there. My twins are IVF babies and the wait is really intense. I'm rooting for both embies but I'm inclined to love B a tad bit more. Both of my kids were B types, and they've continues to be a bit "off" ever since. It's the way I like 'em.

I just wanted to say how touched I am by these comments and good thoughts and wishes. They have made me so happy to read and I am sure are very encouraging to little A and B to take up residence! Surely, indeed, nothing could be more tempting to stay than the thought that all their future escapades will be so delightfully documented by their insane father. He has already made every step of the long strange trip of fertility into a memorable one. When I think of all the adventures, laughs, crying jags, despair and ridiculous situations we've had in these fourteen months... maybe these are just all the hormones talking... but I wouldn't have missed a minute. And hormones or no, I wouldn't be saying that if it had been anyone but Mr. Privacy Room himself by my side. Come on, A and B, you'll both be riddled with more mental problems than we can ever afford to get fixed, but what a time we'll have!

Neil (Citizen of the Month) directed me over here....I have a post up now about how I wish I hadn't openly discussed the fact that my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. Wishing you and your wife all the best.

Wow, I have to tell you I was very moved by this post. I don't know you or Kendall, or even Big or Little Edie, but this post was wonderful.

If either, or both makes it, they're going to be very lucky to come into your family!

I am totally rooting for all of you.
When Michael and I come down to L.A. in two weeks, I hope we can be celebrating good news with you.

Much love!

Wow. That is an absolutely amazing photo. Good luck to you!

I'm keepimg my fingers and toes and arms and legs and eyes CROSSED! Tell Kendall if she wasn't already Hooked on "Project Runway" to watch the whole thing as I am sure they are repeating it constantly! It is quite wonderful and there's a whole entire day of bedrest TV right there!

Sending good thoughts from Texas! Wonderful news!

Blessings to you both, and to A and B. They'll get such a kick out of it in the future when you show them their first online photos!

I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I've been on the journey successfully and wish you every happiness. If you want, I will put Kendall on the Meshabarch list for extra congregational support.

Well now I feel fully up to date with the whole situation. Can tell this blog will keep me feeling close-- as if we still lived on Oak Stret and were looking forward to another night of Pictionary.

I send all my love and light. Go, A and B, Go!

We love you all-- big and small.


Wow! How exciting. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for all of you. ("A and B and Me" sounds like a great book title, by the way!)

What an awesome photo. I am so excited for you all!

Wow, Danny! I've been so entrenched in my schedule that I hadn't checked your blog in a short bit...and what do I see? Sparks of life! Blessings to all of you. :)

Mazel Tov! We are so excited for you and Kendall. Happy, Happy, Happy!

Danny, I don't know if you remember me, but we met at Naomi's B'day party. I sometimes read your blog and love it. But this is a very special time for you and Kendall. I pray it all goes well. I'm very excited for you. My take on it for Kendall is to enjoy, savour and cherish this's all so amazing and incredible. Congratulations!
~Audrey Franks

Blessing to you both from China.

Oh, how wonderful. Let's go A & B!!! Rock the house!

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