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September 11, 2006


So touching, Danny. I was a bit overwhelmed yesterday with all the attention given to 9-11 that I just stopped watching TV or reading blogs. I find it frustrating when we try to find meaning in something so horrific, although I perfectly understand why we do.

Beautiful Post Danny...We truly must never forget this day and what it means to all the families and friends of those lost on this horrific day.

I just read the tribute to little three year old David, and of course both his parents were mentioned in depth, as well...It is all so incredibly sad and the heartbreak that will never end for the survivors of 9/11 is beyond comprehension.

I don't know if you have read any of the Tributes Danny...they have been all over the blogesphere..including my very own blog that you and Kenddall inspired....My Tribute is to a 32 year old dear man named Bill Hunt.

Reading all the things his parents and brother have written to him over these five years was and is one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life. I hope that we never decide that this day is not important. Because if we do decide that, it will then deny the terrible terrible losses that all these people have to live with for the rest of their lives and into eternity.

I lost a friend that day, too. I hadn't seen him in years but Dan worked on the 104th floor of one of the towers. He was a great guy, and pretty much the only Republican I ever liked who wasn't related to me.

Ann Coulter deserves to lose everything and everyone she loves for making comments like that. Of course, she's such an empty, horrid person that she probably doesn't know the concept of love, and I suppose that's punishment enough.

Along with Danny Miller's outstanding post, readers should check out the 9/11/06 editorial in the New York Times. It can be found online, through the Search box at

Like yours, Danny, great reading.

All week thinking about commenting. As a New Yorker living within a mile from ground zero, I was in NYU Hospital starting at Rehabilitation, recovering from a total hip replacement replacement. In a new room, the woman at the next bed was leaving when her son called for her to turn on her tv as a plane went into the first tower. We were watching and saw the 2nd, and knew it was no accident. The saddest thing was that every extra bed was brought downstairs only to have our bed returned with no
survivor. My son (almost 20 at the time) called me after being dismissed from working primary elections in a holding center at the Church on Houston St. & Sullivan Sts. They heard the news and the priest said prayers for everyone. (Of course, someone complained they were not of his religion.) He saw the crowds running up north. He said some were saying it's gonna fall...and he looked southward to see the 2nd tower go down . He called me from our 130+ yr old 7th floor walk up tenement telling me what he saw and said he was scared it was gonna fall too. I told him to walk uptown and come to the hospital..with his driver's license, they had to let him in to see me. I was glad he daughter was way uptown at school, and my husband worked in the village. I wasn't sure he was going to pick her up...and couldn't reach him by telephone. A strange thing happened when my son came up. There was this arabic man who was in the hallway. He had been involved in a group who got angry at him, and stabbed him in the eye. That's why he was in the hospital but he was waiting because they were going to take him away for questioning. He told my son he was scared. He had no idea where they would take him or for how long.
My husband volunteered to be part of the Mount Sinai Hospital study but i think he's part of the control group because he wasn't at ground zero helping...just living in our neighborhood. Our local firehouse lost 14 men..William McGinn, Eric Allen, Andrew Fredericks, David Halderman, Timothy Haskell, Manuel Mojca, Lawrence Virgilio, John Fischer, John Burnside, James Gray, Sean Hanley, David LaForge, Rovert Linnane, Rbert McMahon. A few months before 9/11 I was at the newspaperstand across the street from the firehouse and saw a couple of them walk in. My eyes looked at the badge with the name McGinn. I looked up and he took my breath of the most handsomest men I had ever seen. Mentally, I said to myself, what a hunk. I hope I don't sound too crass in this memory but I tried to read all the bios. I saved his..he was truly a Renaissance man...his wife said he studied architecture and would have studied what happened that day to the structure. Coincidentally, the first flyer I saw was in the pHysical Therapy department for Lawrence Vergilio. He was an NYU Physical Therapist as well who came to work on the other floor, he specialized in heart patients but left when the call came in about the WTC.
My family came to visit and told me I wouldn't believe what was going on downstairs on the street as there was the temporary morgue and all the flyers for those missing, with crowds coming daily to add more flyers.
One day my son was given a police escort to our building when you had to show proof of address to go below Houston ST.
And the smell seemed as if it would go on forever..every morning at pt, it would hit me.
after I came home, we'd leave the city for the weekend, come back to the block, open the door and it would be there to greet us. I think it went away from our block about a week and a half before Christmas.
I think I wrote about this too much..when I wanted to say..I thought I'd go somewhere public for this 5th Anniv. but even though one was a half block away from my job, I avoided it..I think I need to grieve in private and feel relieved that I am not obligated to take part in anything public because I really didn't know sister's friend's husband was a firefighter in staten island, John Bergin, and the nephew of my cousin's husband died at Cantor Fitzgerald but I don't remember his name.
I grieve for everyone and try to pray for their all of us, may we have peace everywhere on earth.

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