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September 21, 2006


Hope you're feeling better, Danny, and are ready to greet another year!

Wonderful post. Maybe you should have been the guest booker for the Dick Cavett Show; I'll bet you would've liked that!

I wish you Millers a wonderful New Year-- filled with good health, happiness and lots more entertainment trivia.

Shanah Tovah from Toronto.

Great post, Danny...i am a huge Joplin fan - loved the story about her interaction with Raquel - very interesting - i hope you are feeling better!

Happy New Year!

I loved Dick Cavett and watched him often during the period you mention. (Like David Letterman, Cavett earlier had a daytime talk show, which I watched during the summer and on days when I was sick at home from school.)

The thing that's so striking when I watch the old Cavett show today is that unlike the talk shows now, there was so much more spontaneity. People had real conversations. In this, Cavett was akin to Jack Paar. But even Johnny Carson, in his early stewardship of 'The Tonight Show,' featured more genuine conversation than Hollywood-this-is-my-latest-project banter.

Dick Cavett could be pompous and almost pathetic in his name-dropping. But some nights his show sparkled! He remains my favorite talk show host of all.

By the way, I remember reading his autobiography, appropriately titled 'Cavett,' way back when. I wonder if I would like it now?

Mark Daniels

Oh so beautiful. Thank you. Janis is an all-time favorite. I can't believe she'd only be 63. What a sobering thought.

These shows sound wonderful. Thanks for turning me on to them. :) (I haven't used that phrase in a very, very long time.)

I too loved the Dick Cavett show back in the day...I watched the NEW interview he did on TCM, with Mel Brooks...and I just had to buy the DVD's with Helpburn, et al...NOW, I will have to buy those Rock DVD's Too! (Thanks for that
I think it is on those Movie Star DVD's where he speaks at the beginning, now...and it's like he has become more of the kind of person he always seemed....if that makes any sense....the way he emphasized certain words and phrases..I thought to myself...he has become more pompous sort of..and I thought that he seemed quite a bit older than 70! It was strange in a way to see that his personal quirks were more so...I guess this happens to all of us...HORRORS!
You know Danny the closest I ever got to Janis Joplin was the night she died. She was in that then Motel, The Landmark which was/is just down the hill from me when she overdosed...So very very sad....I always loved the fact that her singing was kind of like one long Primal Scream....She was so close to her feelings, as you said...And obviously lived with so much pain..It would have been so very interesting to see where she might have gone in her music and in her personal life...of course, the drugs were part and parcel of her ability to survive...Can you inagine her at The Betty Ford Center? A "clean & sober" Janis Joplin...What would that have been like?

WONDERFUL POST, Danny...I hope you feel better very very soon...

Beautiful post; this is my first time stopping in. It is a wonder what Janis might have turned out to be... she's pretty much always been dead, in my life experience.
I so agree that today's talk shows are junk in comparison to that time period. We learned how to do it, to polish it up; everything is shinier now. And an authentic moment is not to be found.
(Remember the Jewish Son episode of David Susskind? They ate him up! This could never happen today.)
I actually thought Brittany Murphy, before she got all thin and starlet crazy (think Clueless) was an interesting choice, and of course, Lili Taylor would have been perfection. At one point Melissa Etheridge was considered as well. I'm relieved that didn't work out.

Lili Taylor would have been fabulous -- they missed the boat on that one.

I checked out the Rock Icons DVDs over last winter break. Chris and I really enjoyed seeing all of these stars, especially Janis Joplin and Sly & the Family Stone. Of course, we were born in the 1970s, and Dick Cavett was just an answer in Trivial Pursuit to us... but we were amazed at how boring he was. We kept making fun of him. I agree, though, that it was nice that all of the questions and answers weren't canned like they are today.

Your mention of Dick Cavett brought up a lot of great memories. I also enjoyed watching his show and hoping one day to be as "sophisticated" as he was. I didn't know that he was on DVD, so I am anxious to watch it again. It seems that every old TV show will soon be on DVD, which is a terrific development.

Great post.

Want to point out, because I'm Joni obsessed, that it wasn't a publicity move. She was with CSNY, she was sleeping with...maybe 2 or 3 of them, or maybe 1 current 2 former...something. And by the time they arrived in NYC to drive up the rest of the way there were already rumors that things were going out of control, and the men decided to protect Joni because they were being Men and she was a Girl. And in 1969, she accepted that and stayed behind.

tina turner was janis joplin's favorite singer? wow...that makes me so happy. i'm a huge tina turner fan and think that she's absolutely the greatest. it's such an amazing thing to know that i share that opinion with a woman who broke so much ground in the music scene.

Thanks for the great post! I just netflixed it!

An outstanding review of probably the most comprehensive video/interviews with Joplin ever.

As I was watching these discs, I was running back and forth to Google and trying to find information on the guests. There is absolutely no trace of the guest Michael Thomas (English Rock Critic) on the web. He simply disappeared. Does anyone know the fate of this writer? He does take himself serioiusly on the program and the way Cavett talks, Thomas seemed well-known or well regarded, but I've never heard of him. Anyone out there have a clue? Just curious....thanks.

About a thousand years ago,me and the rest of my buddies were lounging around in a hooch in our base camp,in Long Binh,VN.One guy had an Akai reel to reel tape machine.His name was Al Halverson,from Missouri,or Idaho or---.He played tunes from Janis,and we all sang along.Kind of took our minds off things for awhile.She had that special voice.If only she could've kicked the sh--,and quit the habbit ,who knows how or what kind of music she would've made.Just put that needle down--NOW!!!!!I'm an old fart now(64 and retired N.Y.C. firefighter),But I still listen to JANIS----and think back ------.

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