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September 29, 2006


Fascinating, and I'd love to see this production. While I've grown to not be afraid of those who have illnesses, from cancer to HIV, I have to admit an uncomfortableness with mental illness. When I see someone "crazy" on the street, I feel sympathy, but also fear that if things were different in my life, I could be this person -- and I want to be far away.

Mental illness scares the crap out of me. My own father was not the most balanced person, I always refer to him as a depressive hypochondriac. He was never institutionalized but, at times, was barely functional due to severe bouts of depression. i know that I have inherited those genes, and that's not a happy thought.

I had never heard of this movie, this musical, and this story, and will check it out further. Thanks again for another great post!

i like movies very much,and saw a lot of films,but never saw this one,thank you for your introduction and recommendation,i will check it out.
Share is nice,thank you.
i am from China.

What a wonderful post Danny! I understand your feelings very very well...It seems to me more of the world walks around just on the edge of madness or fearing it than not!
Tell me how I can see/hear this score, PLEASE!!! I don't understand the possibility of downloading the songs and dialogue..I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear/see this, but don't know if I have the capability on my computer...
It's funny, I gave the DVD of "Grey Gardens" to our Betty G. for her Birthday last May..but don't know if she has watched it....
I must get it for myself now...

Visiting from Lady of the Hills...

I bought this cast recording because I love Christine Ebersole's voice... and was not disappointed. Ebersole is certain to get a Tony nod, if not a win.

And I was surprised to hear about the upcoming version with Jessica/Drew. That should be fascinating.

I enjoyed reading this post, hearing the background and history that goes along with the musical. I feel like I understand it on another level now. Great post.


Enjoyed the post -- and can't wait to see the show (although I may have to).

Loved this post, Danny. I know I've always felt an attraction to the less stable members of the family. I had one great aunt who left Iowa and came out to Los Angeles as a young woman and her parents were so outraged/concerned that the entire family followed her out here.
As a child I inherited her stuff which no one else valued including her castenets, dancing skirt and a chinese sewing kit. Also a few items of nice clothing she purchased and never wore with the Hollywood boutique tags still on.
The oldest members of the family seem to hush up when her name is mentioned, but honestly they probably don't remember much about her. I'm sure her life was interesting though. Wish I had met her.
Best, Julie

I found your post so intriguing that I ordered both the dvd and the soundtrack. I've just finished watching the documentary, and I was absoutely transfixed! What an interesting mother and daughter relationship!

I'm telling all my friends about it. I'm looking forward to seeing the musical as well.

Thanks for the recommendation!

I remember seeing the film "Grey Gardens" when it was first released. I loved it and was put off by it, too. What an effect it had on me. I am almost afraid to come near that story again

We're all crazy, Danny. ;)

I would love to see all types of photos of Grey Gardens and it occupants before and after the madnes. What an amazing story, I loved watching the 1975 doc and at the same time was horrified by it.
It definately is one story that has changed my life, what a fragile life a mere human leads and the choices we make can alter our futures.
Little Edie if you have your time back "Dont go home to Momma"

I just saw the play (finally) and was completely staggered by it. I'm not surprised though, I've been a fan of Christine Ebersole since I first saw her as Guinevere in a revival of Camelot that starred Richard Burton who seemed to me to be sleepwalking through his performance. I'm not sure of the year, maybe 1978 or '79. Not long before he died. Though very young at that time Ms. Ebersole virtually rescued the show single handed.

Also, enought cannot be said for Mary Louise Wilson's spot-on brilliant work in this piece. All in all this was quite possibly the best thing I've ever seen on (and Off)Broadway.

I saw the musical last weekend and immediately rented the two documentaries (1975 and 2000). As much as I was impressed with Christine Ebersole's performance, I was more interested in learning more about the real Little Edie. The documentaries were amazing. Yes, Little Edie was unconventional, but I don't think she was crazy. She had acclimated herself to living in the situation she was dealt. In a large aging house house, little money and a sick elderly mother, Little Edie somehow always managed to smile. I wish we could all be that sane.

I've been a huge fan of Christine Ebersole's since my first day of college. I went to MacMurray College in Illinois, and my first day there I strolled into the student union and the first thing I saw was Christine Ebersole (age 18 I suppose) sitting there playing the guitar and singing. She was amazing then, and she's amazing now. Her performance in "Grey Gardens" is mind-blowingly brilliant. What a GEM she is.

:) I really liked this article. Mostly because I have the same ponderings. What makes me so different from the crazy people? Ya know, all that I think really separates us is the willingness or non-willingness to conform to the "norms" of society. And, I agree with you. That in a way, these people are freer than we are. They have refused to observe life from inside the box in which others have contained us. Besides, aren't the most interesting stories written about the nonconformists? In fact, I think, in honor of the crazy people, I hereby vow to commit (no pun intended) one very unorthodox deed every day for the rest of my life. Hmmm, well, maybe once a week. It would be a bit hard to come up with ideas for every day...

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