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September 08, 2006


Oh man, devilishly funny as always. The diabolical dolls come to life nightmare was the highlight of my week. A close second would be your erotic sensibilities surrounding Crawford and Russell and their manly shoulders. Long may you run!

Oh wow...the American Girls...I was just talking about them last night, for the first time in several years. This really brings me back....

I wonder how long they've been around...I've always thought that my generation was the first to have the AG dolls. I owned (probably do, actually) several products, like paper doll kits, materials for AG themed plays and, oh yes, even "American Girls Premiere!" a fabulous little computer program where you bring them to life on stage (actually...that one was pretty darn cool...and my brother and I still mess with it occasionally.) My favorite was Felicity, for some reason.

Of course, I never actually owned a doll of my own...but I read at least a half dozen of the books (borrowed from the library.) I did have a friend who had one, and I was so jealous of her. I would sit at the dining room catalogue and pour over the catalogue whenever it would come.

For a couple years, I worked a block or two from Michigan Avenue. I'd walk down there after work, and being by the AG store would make me shudder. The absolute consumerism of it all...spoiled little white girls surrounded the place, with older female relatives carrying several large red bags. I'm so glad my mother never actually indulged my habit and I never actually got my Felicity doll. I'm sure she and thousands of dollars worth of accessories would now be sitting in the attic gathering dust.

Oh, Danny, when I told you you HAD to take Leah to see the show at AGP, I never imagined you'd go DRESSED AS A MAN!!!

This is all new to me Danny...I have heard about these Hair Salons for Dolls, but didn't know they were connected to a bigger business and a business that realy excels in Marketing Magic... Is it me or does EVERYTHING seem like Disneyland or a Movie set....including The Grove itself???
OY! I do love that Gretchen Cryer is once again writing and it sounds like this is a good musical...well, outside of the mens wigs!!! You are hilarious Danny...Oh and how much do these Dolls cost?? Never having heard of any of it before I would love to know...(And all the clothes, etc...Marketing Geniuses!)

This piece was brilliant, Danny. I have been reading your prose for only a very short time, but I have high expectations when I get to your blog.

I had no clue that the American Girl's small kingdom had become such an empire. My daughter never got into that line of dolls (thank God, I don't think we could have afforded to buy one), but we kept on receiving the catalogue for years and years.

Danny, what a great dad you are!
I loved Gretchen Cryer's play back in the '70's...saw the show, owned the album and played it over and over and over.

Oh, Danny . . . you're a doll.

Great post! Your comments about Dan Curtis' Trilogy of Terror (I had the opportunity to see that doll in person!) brought to mind a couple of Twilight Zones and a One Step Beyond that involved dolls and puppets that freaked me out as a kid.

"I'm Talking Tina, and you'd better be nice to me!"

As someone fascinated with history, I loved the American Girls stories (and dolls) as a child. I had one doll, Kirsten, and a fair number of accessories - although my grandpa, who was an excellent craftsman, made me copies of some of the wooden items. I'm 26 now, and I still like to read back over the stories every once in awhile. Oh, and my mother bought a Molly doll of her own, since she was born in 1945. Both Molly and Kirsten are still on display in my parents' house, and my niece and nephews change their clothes to match the seasons. I'm actually quite proud of the Pleasant Company - especially since they were originally based in Middleton, WI, which is a small town about fifteen minutes from where I live.

Great post, Danny. I think the American Girls are great, but now I'm reminded of Talking Tina (and I'm going to kill you), Chucky, and that little evil thing in Trilogy. They're enough to give anyone a phobia.

Spencer has his own Wikipedia page...
That's the big news!
Great post Danny.
I'd be happy to buy a doll for my Boston granddaughter, but I believe her mommies consider the brand a bit much. Maybe I can use your post to change minds.

A parody of The American Girl Revue has been written and is currently in production. Please email [email protected] if you would like more information as to where and when it will go up. Thanks - Jena

Just to get this out here, the wig design for the LA store is quite different for the males than at the Chicago location. There are no bangs, and they look quite convincing!

Hi, Just a note to let you know what the boycott was all about. I've always thought of the American Girl dolls concept as a welcome relief, albeit too expensive, from the hyped up Bratz Girl type dolls. A hearkening back to real childhood for girls. American Girl to my dismay had a promotion, called the I Can Campaign which was co-sponsored by the organization called Girls' Inc. which does promote strident feminism, including abortion. No longer did the American Girl concept sound like it was protecting childhood, as is stated, but rather like it was attempting to nip it in the bud like so many other programs for children these days. A very sad state of affairs. However, American Girl did halt their promotion, much to their credit.

I think it's a great story because my dauter serene as well did'nt like dolls that much then she used to but, now that american dolls came around she's loving it! Next week me and her farther are going to take her to the american girl place in NYC! Thank's for sharing.Thank god for american girl!

A thank you to Wendy for clarifying the source of the boycott. I remember hearing about it, and knew it had nothing to do with dolls themselves, but with some bracelet or something they were selling that would contribute a portion of the proceeds to some decidedly radical feminist organization.

Glad to hear AG halted their promotion. I can now proceed with a clear conscience in fulfilling my daughter's wish for a Felicity this Christmas.

I noticed today a "Holiday" display with Plum dresses and a sleigh with a holly bow on it and next to it a Hannukah display..Interestingly, the store did not refer to the first display as Christmas..

Is the American Girl Store Jewish owned?

Interesting piece. I didn't know all the backgroungd on Gretchen Cryer. I used to work for American Girl from 1999 - 2003 in Chicago. I was a theater usher and still remember the whole performance scene by scene! AGP was my first real job and my younger sister had at least three of those dolls. I haven't been to the one here in Georgia but I'm sure it is awesome!

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