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August 29, 2006


What a treasure Danny! So fabulous! To have this very special recording is indeed a precious family artifact!
Thrilled to see that you have "sound" Audio on your blog now....Maybe you can help me get this going on mine....
You are actually digitizing all your LP's...I think it would take me 50 years to do mine....! Oh Dear! There is just too much to do and no time to do it all!

Had two visits with Wendy Wings and her husband who were here from New Zealand. Come by and see the last two posts! Lots of photos. (Tell Kendall I long for her to see these posts...a bit about the Emmy's, too.)

What a wonderful post - I want your great-grandfather's song as a ring tone for my cell phone.

I hope your blog becomes a book.

Great stuff. Please post more of your zayde's record.
I think Mordecai Richler's grandfather Rabbi Yudel Rosenberg was one of the founders of the Eitz Chaim Yeshiva. I think it was called the Poylishe Yeshiva. Itche Meir was the name of the first Gerrer Rebbe. Itche is a diminutive of Yitzchok. The first Gerrer Rebbe was Yitchok Meir (Itche Meir) Alter. There is a possibility that you stem from Gerrer chasidim.

I wish you could digitize my original recordings of the Temple Emmanuel Childrens' Choir from 1959 featuring me. Or my original recording of Danny Kaye's Mommy, Gimme a Drink of Water complete with coloring from my brother born in 1961. We're quite the historical family, too!

Great listening to your Grandfather. What a treasure for your family.

Baalbatish, yes, Itshe Meyer was a Gerer Chasid in Poland, and always supported the Gerer Yeshiva in Israel. According to an interview with my great-grandmother, the Chasidic scholar Rabbi Yudel Rosenberg was one of the founders of Eitz Chaim, as you say. He preceded the famous Stashever rabbi, Judah Leib Graubart. But I didn't realize Rosenberg was Mordecai Richler's grandfather, I always loved "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz."

Margalit, I want to hear both of those songs!

That was cool.

That's so cool, Danny -- so does Leah get her pretty hair from her great-great-grandfather, then?

I am flabbergasted with delight. What a great post. I have been resisting installing QuickTime because it behaved like a nasty virus on my last computer, so I can't hear your clip, sadly. Thank you so much for this one - and all the other great posts I've been too lazy to appreciate you for at the time!

Itsheh Meyer on your i-Pod: wow.

Who says we don't live on?!!

Amazing Danny! Love having more info on Itshe Meyer. I had no idea he was one of the founders of Eitz Chaim (although my uncle Al did get his bar mitzvah lessons from Itshe Meyer at his yeshiva - and Uncle Al is 90, so that was a LONG time ago...)
Can't wait to play the clip for my mom - but I'm warning you, she's probably going to want to hear more...

Danny, "family" posts such as this one are some of your best!
Currently going on in Toronto is the Ashkenaz Festival -- I can just imagine your late great-grandfather up on one of the festival stages doing his musical shpiel.
Seeing the name Bill Berle Orchestra on the record cover is nostalgic for me too. He used to play at weddings and bar mitzvahs I attended in the city over the years; his band used to play at a Jewish resort we used to go to up north; and I also believe his band used to sometimes play at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto, or some other big theatre. The man (and his orchestra!) definitely got around!!

I am also blessed to have that recording given to me by your Uncle Paul. I think you should have an alert with this message though... Don't listen to this sound bit any time during Shabbos! Itsheh would turnover in his grave if his voice were used then!
I am using my daughter's computer, and can't find where to turn on the sound...but will go back to my country house and listen again to his voice.
I'll have to have my kids listen to your blog, and help me add this to my ipod too.

What a great tribute to your great-grandfather, and a great tribute to your family as well. I'm sure they're all very proud of you, as they should be.


How wonderful to put a clip of your great-grandfather's album on your blog! If you send me a copy, I'll send you a video of Hallie dancing to it.

Okay - Quick Time finally installed! I so enjoyed the recording as well as your story, of course. I agree with Akira Ohiso! I hope your blog becomes a book!

Wow. Incredible.

Nice bloggin' there, sir. I think you might enjoy my recreation of Mommy, Gimme A Drinka Water! That's how I found you...
You can find it @

Peace to you and yours.

Neil Rosengarden
Shaker Square

Itshe Meyer Korolnek was my great-uncle (Alta Toba was my grandmother Annie Handelsman's sister). He sang at my wedding. What fun to come across your page about them. Quite by accident--when I was looking for a recording of Danny Kaye's Mommy, Gimme A Drinka Water! All those pictures are familiar to me, and I have the record, which we used to call "Sing Along with Itsh".


My great grandmother Zisel Goldkind and he late husband Huskel Goldkind were cousins of your great grandfather and grand mother. I remeber them both well even though I was small. My Zaidy went to the same shul on Viewmount where I know they built the school. I guess thre are so many other branches to our family and I found this by accident. I would love to hear from you. All the best

Danny,very well done.My name is Stan (Simcha) Korolnek.My grandfather Simcha was Itshe Meyer's brother.We lived on Baldwin with the Korolnek's when we came to Canada.


where can i get a copy or a streaming of this whole record (its very nice), and scans of both sides

also does anyone have any info on this bill berle and orchestra when did he die etc.

Hi... Danny,
While editing a manuscript written by the late Rabbi Samuel Cooper, the son of Yossef Baruch Cooper of Toronto, I was researching information about Itshe Meyer Korolnek and found your site. There is a chapter on your great-grandfather, Itshe Meyer and your great-grandmother, Alta Toba. The Coopers and your family were very close friends and there will be some wonderful descriptive memories of Rabbi Cooper's childhood - watching and listening to Itshe Meyer.
I am so excited to find your 'Blog' and these photos and information. Itshe Meyer's life lives on for his good nature and good works and good family Blessings to you... Linda - Charleston, WV

hi sam.
bill berle is alive and well and playing violin for a large orchestra.

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