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August 14, 2006


Henry is an adorable dog -- I think that you made the right decision in adopting him. Congratulations on this addition to your family. In the past hour I was told me that my friend's old dog, Henry, had to be put to sleep yesterday. So the timing couldn't be more peculiar for me to read about your new Henry.

Also, I've had Kendall's book from the library for a year (I work in said library, so I can keep books for much too long -- being something of an autodidact myself, I have half the library's books on my own shelves at home) and finally got around to reading it over this past weekend. I loved it, and am really looking forward to her new one. Didn't you say somewhere that it would be published very soon?

My dollink and her best friend had a contest...who could go longest without bathing at 2-week Girl Scout Camp. Friend won, because her dad didn't make her bathe the moment she came through the door. They both looked like Peanuts' character Pigpen. What a fond memory!

You evil, humanocentric pig! How dare you hose down an innocent dog, and compare it to a Nazi guarddog! You've got serious problems!

(Not really. I just thought I'd get you ready for when this post appears at Huffington, which it should.)

That my wife is severely allergic to even supposedly hypoallergenic dogs is one of the great tragedies of my adult life. Dogs do have a way of choosing their people. This little guy chose well.

Welcome Henry!
Buddy (Elaine & Tom's golden retriever)

Ooh - wonderful story. I read it with bated breath and sighed with relief, tears rolling down my cheeks with joy when you decided to take Henry into your heart. I am a "dog person" now in love with cats. I wish you all many love-fun-filled days, nights, weeks, months and years together.

Happy Days!

Welcome to the the new addition to the family. Did you really have any doubt that Leah wouldn't bond with Henry?

What an interesting-looking animal...those ears! He must really have supersensitive hearing.

No doubt he did paw-pick you all, knowing that the Millers will make him a well-loved member of the family. He will need a T-shirt like Leah's saying "Miller Time."

Perhaps one day your Henry can meet our Max...

Congratulations to to the new parents of Henry! Kendall - my sister Beth had the first boy in the family on July 31st - his name is Henry.
love to you all -

Animal love is the only pure love you can achieve in your lifetime. Everyone else has an agenda of sorts.

I'm a katfarmer and have been for 28 years now.

How much do I love my animals? Well, lets put it this way, when our daughter was born in classic Eastern European Jewish style she was named after people we had loved and lost, my grandmother Julia and our beloved grey tabby of 19 1/2 years Ivan. Thus, Julia Ivy was born and proudly honors the memory of both.

Oh Danny, congratulations.

He's adorable. Those ears!!

That's no dog, that's a rabbit!

A dobbit?

Good for you for taking in Henry. He will add so much to your life, already has, it seems! Dogs rule. I miss my boy everyday. I wish that a Henry would find safety under my car!!! give my love to Kendall and Leah and scratch Henry behind the ears for me.

I have had the pleasure of meeting him, and watching my cat and dog cringe and bridle at his joyous good humor. Trust me, Danny, if my tough-as-nails foster-child street-cat arching her back and gargling with malice didn't spook Henry, your mixed emotions weren't going to make a dent.
He knew he was going to be your family's dog, and he had every confidence you would figure that out in time.

Hudson says hi to Henry, and welcome to the family.

What a lucky dog! and a lucky family to be chosen by him! Love the ears.

Now you're "one of us!" Welcome!

I love this post, Danny. You sound just like my! The best part, the truest, is the boundless love one gets from a dog. I had forgotten that when we adopted our Sassy. How wonderful it is to sit on a couch, or a bed, or wherever, and there she is, cuddled against me. Or as you describe...the running to you, oh-so-happy to see you.

Well, having taken in a stray myself around Father's Day, let me tell you this: the dog is being kind and very well-behaved just so you will bond with him. As soon as that happens, he will show his true colors. And you will keep him still. Congratulations, and welcome Henry!

I want one too.

Oh, I feel better now. I didn't like you until the last two paragraphs, now I understand about wanting to have all that we love forever.

And your dog was extricated from the very jaws of death to begin with. I also thought it was adorable that you were worried about a dog and a kid bonding - I've never heard of two that didn't.

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