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August 08, 2006


Just to let you know: I love Wilco, and, obviously, I'm not related (and I loved them before I knew you). To get to see them, the Violent Femmes, and Poi Dog Pondering all in one fell swoop? Well, that beats not having a clue who the majority of the other groups were, doesn't it? I'm jealous.

I am so jealous of you, Danny. I have been having some major Wilco withdrawals lately, since it has been over a year since I last saw them. The other night I watched all the extra stuff on the "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" DVD, trying to scratch my itch. It worked only slightly.

I hope you got to see L.A.'s EELS at the festival. Supposedly they blew many minds there and I, for one, have been obsessing about them constantly. Thanks for the view from the stage...

Hi Danny,
Beautiful post on your talented, sweet, brother-in-law. I thought I was the only nut who travelled cross country to see a loved one in performance. While you were in Chicago for those few days, I was back in L.A. for four to watch my grandson play drums in his theater camp's "Big Show" and sing in the chorus of "Oliver." Kvelling on both coasts. Missed Lollapalooza, but luckily have seen Jeff, and the amazing Blisters and Spencer, rock in other gigs. Wonderful and wow!
Much love,

What a fantastic experience! Be as biased as you want. Who cares. All critics are biased in some fashion anyway.
"Isn’t it really about what I think they mean and how they affect me?"

Because that's how it works even for what we think of as *objective* souls!

In my humble opinion.

How awesome to be up on the stage looking out at an audience of 50,000. I can't imagine such a thing. You know how my knees knock with 100! Wow, wow, wow!

I love the "I skipped work for Wilco" sign out in the audience. I skipped the country for Wilco last month -- we went all the way to Montreal to see them. Needless to say, it was worth the journey.

Great pics! What squeezably cute kids too.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels out of tune with popular music culture. I have to admit that I've felt that way every time you've talked about Wilco too. I'll have to check them out - I like those lyrics... "Tuned to chords strung down your cheeks" is especially brilliant.

I ordered Kendall's book and it's just arrived in the mail, so soon you'll have me a fan of all your relations!

hey Danny -- wish I had known you were in town, I'd have made my way across the park to the Artist tent to say hello. AND I would have been sure to let you that The Frames had played on Sunday as well. But you were probably doing the Wisconsin drive at 1:30 when they hit the stage. oh well, next time... I'll let ya know when they're in LA again. :)

i just got a call from the red hot chili peppers...they're devastated that you didn't enjoy their music and are thinking of quitting the business because of you. thanks a lot, danny.

(kidding, of course, i didn't even consider staying for their set.)

i can't believe we were in the same place at the same time and we didn't even say hi. well, there's always lollapalooza next year, right?

oh! and! did you see me on the jumbotron during wilco?? apparantly people all around the country saw me on the webcast! hooray for 15 seconds of fame!

the blisters were great...i can't believe how far along they've come since that first second city gig almost 3 years ago! i really adore their cover of "dear prudence".


Good report. Like you, I'm an over-40 geezer who's long since given up trying to keep track of whatever bands are popular in our kids' generation. Which is especially ironic in my case, being an old punk rocker who was on the absolute cutting edge way back in my late teens and early 20s.

And you're not too old or unhip for a latter-day Woodstock experience. I know I mentioned it in a previous post, but you really should check out Burning Man if you're at all interested in mass alt-kultur festivities. There the emphasis is on art and active, total participation rather than a music concert. In essence, You are the star of the gathering, rather than some overpaid guitarslinger.

And as a follow-up to your last posting, here's an even worse example of celebrity Jew-bashing than the Mel Gibson debacle. I wonder why it isn't all over the national news like Mr. "I Own Malibu"'s drunken Judenhass has been?

Thanks for the review, Danny. Fifty thousand people. Wow. I was all set on Lollapalooza until I realized I don't like crowds. I'll definitely look for the video. And give a shout back to Dave Crawford, my husband is Cliff Kamida who played in the earliest incarnation of Poi Dog, back when they were in a VW van on the road, before they even got to Austin.

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