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June 26, 2006


Aw, man, I remember sitting in boxes.


Now I'm too big.

Danny, I hope you're kidding about the histoplasmosis. I am always afraid of getting that or hantavirus when I have to be in places where an animal pooped. Yuck! But I hope you're planning to post some of those treasures your sister found soon. Maybe it will motivate me to scan more of my old stuff in and write about it on my poor, neglected blog.

Oh, I was kidding about the histoplasmosis (I hope!) but I posted the link to it because it sounds pretty serious and I'd never heard of it until we began our nostalgic foray through bird droppings. We just returned to Los Angeles and now Chicago seems like a distant memory. If only we could beam ourselves from one place to the other more easily...

Ugh I am so jealous. Jealous of you for hanging out with Susie, jealous of Susie for hanging out with you, I'm seething!

Chicago is a wonderful city. I never tire of going there. To me, Chicago is nothing but an overgrown small town. Even in its hubbub and hustle, its Midwestern ambience and friendliness are still intact.

Though I live in Cincinnati and have for sixteen years, I have the same attitude about my hometown of Columbus: I feel very lucky to have been born in my favorite city.

I hope that you'll enjoy many happy hours rummaging through photographs and memorabilia from your past, Danny...with no histoplasmosis.


What a treasure trove, Dear Danny...WOW! I am hoping some of these fabulous finds will show up on your Blog!

BTW: Thanks for stopping by, my dear...I left all those comment moderation thingy's off today just so you and Kendall and a few others can Comment once again....Do come back later, if you can, for some Birthday Cake! If not...See you both on Saturday...!

It just occurred to me that people who don't know me at all might think that is me in the family photo above. In the interest of clarity my daughter (front and center) is surrounded by my sister and brother-in-law and my nephews Sam and Spencer. For those of you in Chicago, don't miss Spencer's great band The Blisters at this year's Lollapalooza on August 4th in Grant Park (his dad's band will be playing on the 6th).

I'm waiting to see some of those haikus.
Having just returned from Chicago myself, I completely agree: it's a fabulous city. I'm jealous of those of you who were born in their favorite cities. I most definitely was not.

Well, I'll just say hi. I'm visiting via Naomi's birthday party. I enjoyed reading, especially about your dad.

I didn't notice until now, but I think the photo of your sister and brother-in-law with antlers is great.

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