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June 29, 2006


Your review of the movie Superman Returns was very interesting and pointed out things that I had not noticed. I saw the movie on Tuesday night as several theatres in Toronto had a late night preview before it actaully opened. It was not the best Superman movie that I have ever seen but was good and I hope that there will be more but then I am a diehard Superman fan from way back when George Reeves was Superman and I saw them in the original and not as reruns, but then I am old! I can't say that Routh is the best Superman but I think that Spacey is the best Lex Luthor.

I reviewed the film on my blog and like you, I wasn't terribly complimentary. I gave 'Superman Returns' a C+ and the most I could say for it is that it was "okay."

Spacey's performance was a real disappointment. I've seen him in two things before. Even in the wretched 'Shipping News,' I thought he turned in a good performance. He was wonderful in 'K-Pax.' But his Luthor was flat and uninteresting.

Like you, I loved seeing Neill as well as Jack Larsen, the Jimmy Olsen in the 50s-era series with George Reeves.

Interestingly, when Brando's blurred, crystallized image appeared on the screen, I turned to my wife and whispered, "I really miss Marlon Brando." His original performance as Jor-el and his resonant voice were welcome in a humdrum film.


Well, of course I havent seen it and will have to wait till it's out on DVD, if I ever see it at all! I liked the George Reeves "Superman" even though of course they couldn't do the special effects stuff that came later. I very much like the first two "Superman" Chrisopher Reeve films...I'm not sure why these things have now been revisited and revived once again...It must be about making money, I guess...But just from seeing the photographs of this film and some of the interviews with its 'stars' does seem like a pale pale 15th copy of something...Your review really bears that out, Danny. LOVE that the Hollywood Blvd. Superman clutched you right there in the Forecourt! LOL! Hilarious! Too bad you all couldn't run to CC Brown's for a lovely Chocolate Sundae....GOD, I miss that place.
LOVED this Review, my dear.

Darling, Must defend my encounters with beloved Eva Marie Saint. First of all, I did not grab her from behind! There was no physical assault. And I only said "I'm stalking you" because in the midst of our very lucky life we had run into her two nights in a row. I will say that I uttered this greeting before she saw it was me and so, yes, I'm afraid I did cause a moment of fear for a legend. Otherwise, I'm with you 100 percent!

Wow, all these years I never really understood that stalking line—now it makes so much more sense! The things you learn by communicating with your wife through your blog! But I do remember you grabbing her from behind, are you positive that never happened? Have you blocked it out because of some subconscious penchant for assaulting Oscar-winning actresses?

Don't know which is more interesting and informative...your great critique of Superman, or the fact that you and your wife are communicating and learning about eachother through your blog :)

When you wrote that you got tearful at a couple scenes in CARS, I wondered, "What would make Danny, much less anyone, get weepy for such a film?"
I just saw the movie with my 2 youngest kids, and I knew EXACTLY when the waterworks would've started for you 'cause that's when they started for me. No doubt when that sweet, melancholy "MY TOWN" (I think that was the title) with vocals by James Taylor began. There was another scene with just a pan of the Main Street that sat anticipation...that did me in, too.
It was a good movie!

I mostly enjoyed Singer's take on the Man 0f Steel myself .. My only beefs were that it was too long and that Lex Luthor's plot made very little sense

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