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June 07, 2006


Yes, but it's not this sad little ninny that people are frothing at the mouth about, I agree with you. Calling Bush the anti-Christ is like accusing Norman Bates of being Attila the Hun.

A fine post, Danny. You're cute when you're mad!

Uh oh... the Feds might scrutinize me after that comment...

Wonderful post Danny...I agree with you and I am continually appalled by the intolerance of our President and his Voter Base!!! UGLY, UGLY, UGLY!

Oh, and BTW I wanted to let you and Kendall know that at my Birthday Celebration there will be a very special 'happening'...My cat Sweetie and I are getting married that afternoon....Don't worry about a wedding present, we haven't decided yet where to Register, most likely it will be at Bed, Cat & Beyond....But for now...Sweetie & I are both just thrilled that you and Kendall will be with us for this most wonderful joining-together....!

Danny, oh to be able to express myself like you do...there is nothing I can add. The whole thing is sickening.
I will add only this...(I'm sure you already have, but...)read Neil's blog today, Citizenof for another take on this very subject.

As always, you can be my political spokesman, except for one thing -- You don't for a second think George Bush is a racist? You don't think the government response to Katrina would have been a little different had most of the victims been white??? I do. But other than that, I agree with every word! I only wish we had a copy of the poem about integrity that Leah wrote and read aloud at her graduation. And an extra copy to send to George Bush!!!!

Man, the day gay marriage is legal, the floodgates will be open for mothers to make even more cryptic remarks about how old they're getting and how happy it would make them if they lived to see at least one of their children get married and so when are the two of you going to get married aaaaaaaaaargh

THANK YOU. You said everything I've been planning on saying to others about this subject, so now I don't have to and can just refer people here. Meanwhile, I'm off to protest Cousin Fred's marriage to Ms. Peeler, because, you know, it's going to ruin American children's lives far more than NCLB has and will have a much more devastating effect on Amerian families than having their 18-and-21-year-old sons and daughters returning from Iraq in body bags.

It's pretty clear now that the Administration knew that this would never be passed. The whole brouhaha was a political move to drum up support from the rightwing Conservatives for the next election. Which only makes it more pathetic.

I think we all underestimate Bush. I think he is probably less stupid than we assume, and far more genuinely, horrifyingly mean-spirited than most want to really believe. I think that he gets away with a lot because people just think he is a puppet in the White House. I don't even fault him much anymore. I'm far more disgusted with my fellow Americans for voting him in and not doing anything to ensure we ever have truly fair, transparent elections again. Even Dean said this week in response to the startling recent article in Rolling Stone by RObert Kennedy Jr. that outlined direct proof that Kerry won Ohio, STILL Dean said that they can't do ANYthing since we aren't in power. Thats a nice way to energize your base. (not)

Thanks for this post!!

remember when "interracial marriage" was such a big deal? Funny, the governement didn't try to make any amendments then.. and gee, it's excepted now (amazing isn't it?!)
Oh wait! but that's still between a man and a woman ! Ok, so big deal let gays marry and they can go to convession and be absolved of their "sins" anyway!

Everyone deserves the rights given to us at birth,.. doesn't matter the color, the religion, or sexual preference..

Leah is so grown up. Congratulations on the big day, and thanks for the post. Personally, I'd like to marry the potato peeler. Is that possible?

I'm late to this conversation, but wanted to ask that first laws be passed that would have protected a few of my former marriages, such as 1)it is illegal to drink alcohol after you are married; 2)any woman within a thousand miles of my husband has to observe purdah; 3)it is forbidden to marry someone because you feel guilty for sleeping with him; 4)all American marriages must be homoeconsumeric: the two people must have identical spending/not spending patterns. Now, those laws might protect marriages, straight or gay.

Part of the power of George W Bush is his buffoonish persona. People are embarrassed because of him; they can barely stand the thought of him, and they have a universal urgency to dismiss reconsidering the nature of this most extreme president in American History. The idea of the Antichrist being loved is an error in modern tradition. The Little Horn is told to be very arrogant, and cruel (like Bush) he is the final ruler of the final global empire before judgment day. The antichrist is cunning, but certainly not wise...for is it not the greatest foolishness to challenge God himself, and presume to speak on his behalf before the entire world (as Bush has done).

Daniel 11 is a prophecy of the four crusades. The War On Terrorism is nothing more than a crusade. Check out this video for more:

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