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June 18, 2006


HAPPY FATHERS DEAR, DEAR DANNY, To You and to your Daddy! Hope you have a lovely two weeks there in 'The Windy City'....!
I mentioned Kendall's Mom & Dad in my post might tell her to take a look....!

Danny, I think it's very special that you are able to understand and come to terms with how your father parented...that he did the best he could with where he came from. And that you can love and appreciate him now, while he's alive...that is wonderful.

Happy Father's Day Danny! And Danny's Dad! I wish I'd had roll models like you. :)

Love is a weird thing, but it is very evident when I read your blog, that I wish I had what you had. If that makes any sense.

OOh - a day late! But I wish you all a belated good day. Danny, please send your father my best wishes, if you know what I mean.

Hugs to all your dear family.

I hope you dont get histoplasmosis.

Hey to all the Miller's, Roberts' & Tweedy's! I know they are thrilled to have you in Chicago. Hope y'all had a great Father's day and the rest of your time there is just as wonderful! Give PM a hug for me!
xo che

Danny, all of Chicago brightened when you, Kendall, and Leah came to town. Well, at least we did. I've met your sweet dad several times. He and your mom sure did a great job with their kids, and I'm glad you were able to share Father's Day with him.

I think it's sweet that Leah feels like a Chicago native...Maybe someday she'll come here to study theatre. (We do, after all, have the best theatre scene in the country!)

Hi Danny,
Although I just recently got to know your father and meet many of the other Miller family, I just wanted to let you know how special all of you are. Your postings add another dimension to what I already have discovered. You have a very loving and close family, and I admire each one of you.

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