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June 12, 2006


Danny, thanks so much for reminding me of this day in history. She was an amazing gift to all of us.

Yes, thank you for this post. It's sad to think that this creative girl could have been with us today at the age of 77.

That is fascinating research you did. I would suspect that the 1950's was still a little too close to World War 2 and the Holocaust, and people didn't really want to think about it too much. Probably the civil rights movement, the 6-Day War and the interest in Israel and Jewish identity re-opened interest in the Holocaust for the general public.

Our views of history do have a way of "changing." Reagan was thought to be a dunce while in office. Now, he is an American icon. I know you'll hate to hear this, but someday even President Bush might be thought of as the "genius" who opened up the Middle East to democracy. Probably not, but who knows?

Danny, once again, you have given us a wonderful glimpse into the world as you see it. I have always adored Anne Frank for facing the burdens thrown at her with courage and strength... not an easy task for such a young girl! Thank you for reminding us about her. June 12th passed with hardly a whimper, and it seems that no mention of her was made in general... has the world forgotten her already?

Wonderful Post Danny...It is amazing to think that if Anne Frank had lived she would be 77 years old!

I think you are very correct in your re-ecaluation of Millie Perkins perfotmance in that film...I know Millie and I think what Stevens saw in her was a lovely sensitive young girl who without any acting histrionics would project a wounded yet strong presence on the screen...and that she did...there is something that is rather heart breaking and extremely vulnerable about Millie without her doing anything but 'being', you know? And Of course, I think Stevens was also very taken with her delicate beauty, as well...a must in those days for a film...Did you ever talk to Tom Troupe about his being in the play? He was the boy.(I cannot remember the characters name...).

Yes, we just saw Tom last Sunday and he told us about playing Peter Van Daan on Broadway. He said that Joseph Schildkraut couldn't "get" the part of Otto Frank until he shaved his head and was really bald! I wish I could have seen that original play. Even though I now appreciate Millie Perkins, I still wonder why they didn't cast Susan Strasberg in the movie.

I teach eighth grade English, and the Hackett/Goodrich version of the play is in most textbooks. I teach at a school with incredibly low test scores, and no matter how jaded these kids tend to be, most of them get caught up in Anne's story. After reading the play, we watch the Millie Perkins version and the more recent version with Ben Kingsley as Otto Frank. It's interesting for the students to compare how certain topics that would have been considered unacceptable to discuss in the '50's are clearly more acceptable by today's standards.

Thank you, Danny, for writing about Anne. An everyday kind of girl, she represented a generation that was lost...but thank G-d her diary was found -- and shared.

Last year Toronto hosted an exhibit of photos/ misc. from Anne Frank's life. As I walked through the exhibit with my two oldest children and looked at everything, I couldn't help but think about a very similar life that Anne and my mother shared.

My mother and her sister were born in Switzerland, (Anne's grandmother lived there) a couple years behind Anne and her sister Margot. My mother didn't get a journal, but an autograph book when she turned 12, for her bat-mitzvah. That book yields a lifetime of memories for my mother, just as Anne's book provided for her. When I looked at photos of Anne and her family and friends, it was as if I was looking at photos of my mother and aunt, but thank G-d my mother and aunt are around to give details about those pictures, about that autograph book.

My children, then ages 8 and 10, took such an interest in the exhibit,that my husband bought a copy of the Millie Perkins version of the film for us. One of these days, we the family, will sit, watch, and discuss it.

Danny, my dear...about Susan Strasberg...I think she didn't fit the "pretty" prototype of that time...she certainly was not conventionally pretty the way Millie was...if it were today, I think she would have been cast in a heartbeat...but we'll never know...
And to answer your question about was Chuck Aidman and NOT CBS...I will tell you the story when next we speak, my dear...

Happy birthday, Anne. I'm sorry you never got to come to Hollywood, but the horrors of the 20th century had a way of interfering with people's dreams on a mass scale. At least we have your diary...

(As for the various stage and screen adaptations of her story: I believe it was Joan Rivers who said she once saw a peformance of THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK where the lead was SO bad that when the Nazis showed up, people started screaming, "She's in the ATTIC!!")

Must see: The Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam. If you can stand in the attic where she lived for so long and not cry, there's something wrong with you. Amazing place.

Thanks for a cool post.

My friend's and I went to a cabaret recently and we really enjoyed the music of the 30's and 40's. I was reminded of an actress who appeared in some musicals but I think of her voice as more classically trained. I was surprised to read her picture was over Anne's bed. I can't remember her name, is there anyone out there that can recall her? I think I even saw a picture of the clipping. It just was so real, she wasn't just a myth, it made her a real teenager for me, an instant connection.
Thanks, Dorothy

Thank you for spending all that time to write all those things about ann frank. I'm doing a big prodeject on anne. I made the secret annex. I would like to know what anne and her family ate while in hiding. I'm pretty sure its in the book, but I don't have a lot of time to look through it all. Just wondering, did you cry while reading the book?

i want to learn more about Anne Frank i just don't know what to do and i'am only nine and in fourth grade people are surprised because people read Anne Frnk's diary when they were in fifth grade what should i do i have no money

You don't mention that Liza Minelli played her, in a high school production. That would have been worth seeing, and a great companion piece to Sally Bowles.

Fantastic post by the way.

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