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May 10, 2006


Beautiful tribute Danny. (I am going to read your last years post, too)...Your Mom sounds like such a vibrant and fun person, (in spite of all the painful things)...And that she passed on her love of theatre, and Musical Theatre in particular to you and Leah is just one wonderful part of the legacy she leaves you. I LOVE all those photograps you included.

My mom died in 1991 at the age of 58 from renal failure, and not a day goes by that I don't think of her. I, too, find myself wanting to call her or ask her questions that I didn't get around to asking when I had the chance. Reading the description of your mother reminds me so much of my own. She loved musical theater and passed that love of theater on to her children. She continues to live through us.

Beautiful photographs, Danny, and a wonderful tribute to your mother. Thanks so much for sharing your love of her with us.

Happy Birthday Judy.

Give my mom a hug.



I don't know you (I found your blog while googling a friend's name :D) but I check in nearly every day to read your magnificent writing. The tribute to your mother is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing that--with a complete stranger.

That is so very lovely. Thank you, Danny. I especially like the last photo, of your family and that beautiful loaf of challah.

Danny, oh to have your talent and gift for expression...what a lovely tribute to your mom. You really brought her to life with your words. I'm sorry she died so young...what a great loss for you and your family.

She really is the prettiest in that photo -- how could she not have won?

May 10th is my brother's birthday too. I have known more people born on that day than any other!

Beautifully written and great photos, although I imagine Sue is not thrilled with that last one.
It's 10 years since my mother's death. This year I am having a gathering of women who have lost their moms over for brunch on Sunday and we will share food and stories.
Happy birthday and Mother's day, Judy.

I found your blog by doing a search on "Gottliebs Chicago." See, my mother died last week. I was going through here personal effects and found out that her grandparents were both Jewish from Chicago. her grandmonther was Ida Gottlieb and her father was Emil Polak. I was interested in tracing the family line - our Jewish side of which we are very proud of.

Any info would greatly be appreciated.

Bruce: Danny is, sadly, but an "honorary Gottlieb".

My grandfather Gottlieb had several sisters; I'll find out if Ida was one of them.

Danny: a fine post indeed. And she's gorgeous in every single one of those pictures -- even the bottom one, where the rest of you look to be in some sort of altered state!

What a beautiful tribute, Danny, for such a fine lady with a spunky personality. I'm sorry she died at a young age and didn't live to see some of your family's fun and fabulous times...on earth. But no doubt, somewhere in the Garden of Eden, from where she has her heavenly view, she sits with a smile on her face, repeating, "THAT'S my Danny-boy!"

Danny, your post brought tears to my eyes especially on your mentioning the agony of losing the "grandmother." That is the most painful aspect of losing my own mother.

Thank you for posting this beautiful and touching tribute.

Having loved Kendall's book, every year or so I've done a search to see if she's written more. That's how I found your blog which I now read regularly. How could two so gifted writers be in the same family?
Beautiful tribute to your mother-and all mothers. They are with us forever.

Beautiful. She obviously raised a son with the ability to write about emotional things.

Oh, and cool hair at your bar mitzvah! Can you still fit into the jacket?

How often I think of my beautiful, vibrant friend, Judith Aida, and I am lucky because Leon knew her and loved her too...and we can remember the times we were all together and the FUN..Of course, he was mostly just infatuated with her ( and I just loved being with her and sharing our lives together) I have said it over and over, she truly was one in a million and lives in our hearts forever..Love to you, Danny, and your wonderful family...

A truly beautiful tribute to a beautiful mother. Last week would have been my father's 83rd birthday had he lived past 61...same day as your Uncle Paul's birthday.
As with my husband's mother who has been gone since '58, the loss of grandparents is great, and I had cried many tears mourning that my children never had the love of grandparents as I had growing up. My husband's stepmother was very much a wicked witch. They spent summers for several years at a bungalow colony near our summer house, and my kids, their grandchildren now recall their visits as sheer hell. Not one visit went by when she would find a way insult my husband, her stepson, in his children's presence... without a peep from his father. Mothers are irreplacable. Every week I visit my Mom at an assisted living facility and am more aware than ever what a tough cookie she is. Sometimes, I think she's too much for me...I love her but at times, can't say I like her. I know I can be bitchy at times, but oy vey. I hope I won't be like her in my 80s.

Your tribute is so lovely. Thanks for sharing yourself and your family with us. Your words are inspiring. cheers

That is the most wonderful tribute I have ever read:)))I like your mother love musical theater!

Wow. Again, you're making me want to cry. It is very clear that your mother is a wonderful person and a fitting addition at God's side in Heaven. She is watching over you, Danny. She is seeing Leah grow up and she IS at those performances kvelling, as you say. And she is very proud!

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