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May 29, 2006


This is quite possibly the best review of this movie that I have seen thus far. You've done excellent work here.

Best. Review. Ever.

Didn't read the book, have no desire to see the movie. After reading this...I may not even bother with it on DVD. Thanks Danny, as usual.

I think I'm going to write a novel, claiming to be based on fact, but still really just a fictional account of things. The plot will be alot like the Da Vinci code, only better. It won’t just deal with ancient history, it will deal with pivotal modern American history.

In my book, MLK Jr. arranges his own murder/assassination. The Black Panthers are really just a branch of the NAACP and do the dirty work that its more "respectable" public leaders don't want to. MLK Jr. had arranged the assassination partly because of depression after his wife caught him lying about his affair with his white speech-writer. (Did you think he really wrote all that by himself?) The other reason, MLK Jr. arranged for his assassination was that he didn’t think he could keep up the pace much longer and thought that he could be more influential dead than alive. Key clues describing the affair and planned “assassination” had been documented knowingly or unknowingly by several reporters and friends in their articles and pictures of MLK Jr. Aside from MLK Jr's wife, only a few people in the NAACP and Black Panthers know the truth about the secret affair and planned assassination. The framing of his accused killer was not perfect, but it was good enough to throw the government on the wrong trail long enough to make admitting their mistake too embarrassing for the FBI and other investigating agencies. Without public pressure, they simply lost the zeal to investigate further. The general public has bought the story hook, line and sinker for so many years since. The entire matter is uncovered for us by MLK Jr’s long lost racially mixed daughter as she does post-doc research on the civil rights movement while at Yale.

I will, of course, market this book as fiction, while stating repeatedly that all of this is based on fact. The marketing motto will be, "Seek the Truth." I will state in the front matter of the book that not only are the organizations described in the book real, but the descriptions of documents and photographs are also accurate. I will market this book heavily everywhere, but pour extra money into it in the deep south, where it develops an almost religious following. Certain groups described poorly will protest loudly, but that is just good publicity, right?

The problem with my book idea is that I doubt it would get published. It would be considered racial bigotry by too many people. Come on, don't they know fiction when they read it?

It kind of makes one wonder how the Da Vinci code got published and came to be so popular.

I feel confident that your review is much more entertaining than the movie OR the stupid book. (People are always amazed that I haven't read it; "You call yourself a READER?," they ask.)

Danny, please say more about this chopped liver ferris wheel. I am intrigued. Also, nice All My Children synopsizing.

Good job, Danny.

I just responded to your question about whether it would matter if Jesus had married Mary Magdalene. In a nutshell: No, but there's no evidence they were married.


Did you know that there's a porno film coming out called "The Da Vinci Load"?

Dan Brown will be somewhere on campus during my college reunion. As will Prince Al. I'll report back.

Danny, if I haven't attracted the splinter fringe Christian groups so far, this review sure isn't going to raise any alerts.

And Doug, your book sounds great. If I may suggest a title, how about "The King Codex: The 'Truth' Behind the Assassination of MLK."

I think if you put "truth" in quotes, it's totally legal to say whatever you want.

Haven't read the book Danny, and if I do see the movie I will have to wait for the DVD...I have talked to a few people who have seen it and there certainly is a mixed reaction to it...Not knowing anything about any of it....I have no opinion....Thanks for the review, my dear.

Just found your blog from the QC Report. You're very funny, thank you for writing.

You're exactly right about Mary and Jesus. A marriage would have been considered a good thing in those days, it would have been celebrated, and there would have been no reason to hide it.

The book wasn't even half good, either, as a mystery even putting aside the "truths" Dan Brown invented.

I'm going to keep reading your past posts. Such a blessing to have such talent!

We saw the movie in Athens last week. Nope, I have not read the book. Had no desire to. Your review is 100% in everything you say. I couldn't agree more. However, it was great fun seeing it in a little movie theatre in on of the side streets of Athens with Greek subtitles and quite a bit of derisive laughter ...

Thanks so much for this review. I had hoped to find it here when I returned. Hurrah!

There was an excellent lengthy article in the New Yorker (perhaps you can still find it on line or at a library) a few months ago on the Mary Magdalene myth, how this woman, prominent yet enigmatic in the Gospels, was used over the centuries for whatever propoganda purpose was needed at the time. It was during later centuries that both the "married Jesus" and the "prostitute" label was produced. Fascinating stuff, very carefully detailed. The "married Jesus" part, in recent years, probably came from two ideas; one, it's not out of the question Jesus was married, as it was a common state for Jewish men, and he might not have been taken so seriously (in the same way a middle-aged or older bachelor would have a hard time running seriously for President)as a teacher if he was single. (Not impossible, of course, but Jesus as a married man also wouldn't be out of the question. Why was this left out of the gospels? Not important enough, if everyone was married. Most quotidian Jesus life moments are not in the gospels, which are not biography, and were written to keep track only of what the message was.) More significantly, Mary was the first one to whom Jesus revealed himself after his resurrection. This doesn't have to mean they had any romantic ties, but it does indicate he thought highly of her, and it makes for a good argument for including woman in the priesthood, as clearly Jesus thought them worthy. As one of the Nag Hammadi (and thus, apochryphal) gospels, the Gospel of Mary, has it, Mary M. was right there, intelligent and questioning and even a bit of a pedantic bore, so at least one group (the one or more that used that gospel) considered her as significant as Peter. Put this all together and one can see why some would make a case for Jesus and Mary's marriage, but evidence? No. Pure conjecture.

A great review as usual. I wasn't planning to see the film, but I sure enjoyed reading your review. You are so clever and funny! Thanks.

great review! thanks so much!

I have just discovered this website and thank you so much for making me feel so at home.

I loathed the 'Code' as a book, in fact I didn't bother to read it all. What put me off it was that this mystical, benign organisation Sion 'whatever' had Walt Disney named as some sort of Hi-Poobah! I ask you? Walt Disney was one of the driving forces behind the Hollywood Black List, paid his writers and cartoonists virtually nothing (the Black List was to originally destroy the fledgeling Writers' Union)and is rumoured to have made progaganda films for the CIA. There was nothing benign about him.

If Dan Brown had done any real research for his pot-boiler then Disney would have been the last person he should have chosen! On the other hand there may be a 'code' in the 'code'! The absurd link to the French Kings and Queens (scum, every one of them), plus Disney, perhaps this is Brown's code saying that this book is twaddle!

I forget to mention, if you want to read something which is literate and with at least a modicum of historical credibility may I recommend Jesus the King by Robert Graves.

i was looking forward to missing this movie, but i must say: it was a good movie!

sure, it had some major hurdles to get over but it did a very good job with them.

in fact, it did such a good job as to become predictable in a couple of instances ;)

it was nice to see Tom Hanks play a less than perfect character and Ian McKellen was awesome as usual!

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