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May 22, 2006


Hey, Leah, why is your dad such a dork? He actually liked school? Teacher's pet!!!

I hated school AND was teacher's pet. So there!

Danny, my son is also finishing fifth grade, but (G-d bless him) Avi is still a little kid compared to your Leah; I was astounded to hear that it's only grade 5 she's finishing. Why did I think she's going into high school!?
Could she send over some of her fearless genes -- I could certainly use some. Whatever she's got, bottle it, market it and get it on the NY Stock Exchange!
I'll have to check in on your family in 10 years and see what that young lady of yours is doing then! She's certainly going places now...

Sea World! If you plan to drop Leah off down here, ya'all come into Ocean Beach for a glass of wine and we can talk about just how much you cared about Ernest Borgnine's character in the Posideon Adventure.

Seriously though - I do live five minutes from Sea World and would be happy to assist if you need anything while Leah is staying down here. Like if she gets sick of fish and needs some french fries or something.

What I wouldn't give to be able to go to camp for 5 weeks this summer! And camping in Sea World, no less? Sounds like Leah's "What I Did on My Summer Vacation" essay is gonna be pretty amazing. (Not that anybody actually has to write those anymore.)

The problem with treating life like a TV show is that one day you have to accept the fact that there's not always a moral at the end of the episode. Like the other day when I made a sandwich, and watched a video, and then at the end of the day thought to myself, "I have learned absolutely nothing from this experience. I should be cancelled."

And if you do manage to concentrate and bottle Leah's apparent fearlessness, sign me up for a crate. My childhood was full of NOT wanting to meet other people. And lots of crying when I had to. What's up with us shy people?

Oh Danny, I hear ya. I was writing about this exact same thing on my blog the other day, and discovered that a year ago I had the very same feelings. Endings are hard, summer is bittersweet. Hang in there.

Very interesting post Danny...I hated school too and didn't eat breakfast for twelve years, afraid I would throw it up!! It's so wonderful that Leah is on the opposite end of all that, isn't it? What a great summer she is going to have...(not one I would have wanted..heh heh...but....)
And going to France!!! Now that is fabulous!

*sigh* Those were the good old days...well...sort of...

I too was a school hating teacher's pet...still am! (Although I hate college much less than I did grade school.)

I'm having trouble believing that my own little brother is now 16 and is going to be a junior in high school!! It's amazing how fast they grow up...

(btw...when will you be in Chicago?? There's lots of great stuff going on this summer...although I'm sure your fabulous sister has all sorts of plans for your trip.)

I read the whole post, but all I could care about was: You're coming to Chicago! Yea! You'd better call...
Your Pretend Mother

I love how you saw yourself inside a TV show of your own life. Wouldn't life be great, I often thought?, if we could wrap up all the mess in half an hour? Take a commercial break every now and then?

Nah. Probably not.

But I did love Room 222. And this post.

I am so like you! My son is finishing sixth grade and it seems to me that his childhood is screeching to an sudden end. I keep thinking thoughts like "last day in the children's choir," "last year in the summer playground program" etc.
On the other hand, like your daughter he is trying exciting new activities and growing in confidence all the time. He's really gifted in music and that is bringing him into a whole new world of challenges and new acquaintances. I sometimes can't believe how different he is from a 12-year-old me. When I was 12, I certainly didn't want to spend every Saturday morning playing the violin! He loves it and dreaded missing one rehearsal when we went on vacation.
Thanks for mentioning "Room 222." I've been meaning to search the internet for a photo of Paul and his 'fro to show my son and you reminded me!
Carpe diem, Julie

Leah sounds like a girl I would get along with. I envy her for being able to stay at Sea World for a week, one of my favorite places in the whole world. (I am obsessed with dolphins and killer whales!)
I also used to play the clarinet when I was in school. I remember when I used to practice in my room after school, my dad would make cracks about how it sounded like I was torturing a goose. I always got so mad at him for it, but now I can't help but laugh. It really did sound like that! Only because, frustratingly, I could never seem to keep my reeds from splitting.

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