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May 02, 2006


Oy. Why does someone like this go and die, and not someone like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Danny, what a beautiful tribute to your friend. Sounds like she was an amazing person. Your words make it quite clear why she will be missed by you and all who were touched by her.

very sorry to hear that, sad news indeed.

Danny, this must be so, so sad for you ... all. Thank you for sharing this with us.

You are in my thoughts.

Hi Danny,

What a lovely tribute to Lisa. We're shocked and saddened here at the Heinemann office. I suppose we all suspected that Lisa's battle with cancer had gone on for too long not to suspect the worst. Yet Lisa's incredibly positive outlook and our own hope that we wouldn't loose her, kept us optimistic too. I miss her. Heinemann won't be the same without her.

This is my first visit to your Blog. After reading your posting about Lisa, I read your review of Brokeback Mnt. And who was the first to reply, and so elegantly I might add? Lisa. Sigh.


That you are so moving as you recall such hilarity and inventiveness in Lisa's approach
to representing her books, that you open doors to our further knowledge of Lisa (e.g. as a co-fantasy writer with Melissa, in fact as a visionary)is beautiful, Danny, and of such importance to those of us who were blessed to know Lisa during her days on earth. -- Len Berkman, at the Theatre Department of Smith College

When I read Lisa's obituary in PW I realized right away that you had to have known her. After reading about her here, I went over and read some of her blog. What a brave and life-loving and upbeat person. I wish I'd known her.

I enjoy reading peoples insights on my cousin Lisa. She brought so much life into everyone around her and will be missed so very much.


Many thanks for expressing what so many of us feel. I had no idea that Lisa had passed away until I received an invitation to her memorial. It was quite a shock.

Unlike you I never had the opportunity to meet Lisa, although it was something that we were always promising to arrange. I wish I had. She worked so hard so convince me to do my book, and continued to work hard all the way to publication. She was always happy to step in to help out whether it fell under her purview or not.

It's just so sad.

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