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May 08, 2006


Danny, great piece!

You might be interested in this link, too. Apparently someone else has done his research.

Love this post Danny...I was hoping you were going to talk a little about the plays you saw and I'm so glad you did...
I was lucky enough to see the original Broadway Production of "HAIR" early on in it's run. It was thrilling! And fun, and touching and moving and stirring! I can see how in today's climate it is still all those things. And it was certainly innovative at that time. None of us had ever seen anything like that on Broadway before this amazing priduction of "HAIR". Wonderful, Wonderful!

Hope you'll stop by soon...I've posted some interesting things that you might enjoy. Going back to just before your trip! So get a cup of coffe and a Brownie and cozy in.y dear. Love To Kendall, too!

"Frank Mills" is something I sing regularly in the shower. I saw a revival of the play with my aunt. That was probably in 1992 or so.

I saw Hair in London when I was 17 (and also found out the true meaning of my name, which I just blogged about)...I thought I was so grown up, seeing a play with naked people ;)

You're so right about that gap between the "sexual revolution" and feminism. I was there. It wasn't good -- for a woman. Fortunately it only lasted a few years!

great post, indeed. i've met martha a few times. her mom (yes, THE shelley plimpton) and i used to work together. in fact, i have both the off-broadway and the broadway original soundtrack lps that shelley signed framed and hanging in my home.

Hello people good morning
The Cal State students did a superb job of capturing the free-spirit era and they gamely interacted with a matinee audience that was not exactly counterculture
John B. Barnhart

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