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April 11, 2006


I want to see the uncut version with the missing commandments.
"The 13 Commandments" - director's cut!

I love the original so much, I couldn't bring myself to watch the new one last night. Gulp! So I watched re-runs of Sex in the City instead!

This post is grandly fitting for the holiday. I can count on you, Danny, for that! Happy Passover to you and yours!

Can you believe I've never see any version of The Ten Commandments? Even after 13 years of Catholic school and having a Jewish father who adored that older movie as much as you do? I do, however, have the Haggadah fairly well memorized (well, not the Hebrew -- I only know the songs in Hebrew).

Good Pesach, Danny.

I thought the new one was terrible. I think the producers had an agenda: Let's pretend God doesn't exist and all of the Judeo-Christian ethic can be explained as a schizophrenic hallucination (abetted by some underwater seismic activity and the like).

I liked the Heston version. It was campy, like Batman. Maybe if they had tapped Michael Keaton for the new one...

Danny, great post...I love the Heston version...we never miss it. Just to hear Anne Baxter say "MOOOOOOSes" worth the whole 50 hours of that movie (at least it feels like 50). I tried to watch the new one...made about 10 minutes...why did everyone have an English accent? How does that make them more authentic? I'm with Psychotoddler....maybe George Clooney?...Naaaah.

The scene where Charlton Heston gets the Ten Commandments and his beard gets all white is probably one of the most "religious" experiences I had as a child.

I am not sure I ever saw the film all the way through...Biblical movoes never interested me so there are many I've never seen.....
I wish you and Kendall a very Happy Pesach, and a beautiful seder....Wish I could join you, too!
Eat a piece of Gefilte Fish for me, my dear.

Most people know the story of Passover from The Ten Commandments. I remember being in camp and having a kid ask why Moses' hair turned all white when he came down from the mountain. The counselor said that was Hollywood.

If you do the math (Moses died at 120 after 40 years in the desert), you realize that he was already 80 when he went up the mountain.

This post gets four "oys"!!

I have always enjoyed the Ten Commandments. It hasn't become an annual ritual in our house, but you make me think that perhaps it should.

Chag Sameach!

Great post, Danny. And David beat me to it: Chag Sameach!

Most important: who found the matzoh? Thanks for this, Danny.

I've never seen the ten commandments. How I've managed to avoid it is beyond me. But you raise some really interesting points here. For my money, I prefer The Prince of Egypt.

Yul Brynner. Yum. They don't make pharoahs like that anymore.

Happy Passover. Hope your seders were fun.

Best line, as per our family tradition to watch The Ten Commandments as the greatest comedy ever...

Bithya, as she takes Moses from the water, says [in English] :

"I shall call him Moses, for I drew him from the water!"

How about calling him "Drew"?! Note to filmmakers: Some things don't translate well.

I have a nephew named Drew.

I saw a little bit of what I assume is the new one, but I am in Canada so I don't think it was on ABC. Anyway, the English accents really threw me, and since me and my sister are studying for the National Bible Contest, we were quoting the Hebrew verses at each other all the way through...Mostly I saw the bit with Yitro and Tzipporah; it was really weird.
Personally, I prefer the original - Sefer Shmot.

I believe in God, but I enjoy things like The Messenger (another movie which seems to echo psychotoddler's assessment of the "agenda" of this film). So I might find the new 10 Commandments interesting...

Things like that don't threaten my faith, they strengthen it. God is the ultimate in "things are not always as they seem". I love the original because I used to watch it with my Nanny and my Grandma as a little girl, but I caught on that it "wasn't like that" even at that age. I dunno. But I want to see the movie, if only for comparison.

i wanted to watch the new one mostly to see the reproductions of Luxor and Karnak,(since I had just been to Egypt a couple months before)but i missed the first day, after watching second day i ended up reading Exodus to get the real story again, it is, i belive, very interesting because the new one does tell the story of the Isralites battle with the Amalakites (sp)(backwards though), and id has it own made up stuff, it showwed that Moses was made to be the "judge" of the people, it was, I think "interesting" and I am glad it prompted me to read the sorry, the Bible(new international version) Of course I watched the "original" DeMill/Heston classic, a few days later, which also gave me reason to refer to the "real original". hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Wasn't Yul Brynner Jewish? His mother was of Jewish heritage although her father converted to Christianity.

I had read a most amazing article. It said that they did DNA studies on Rameses hair from his mummy and he was RED haired because the color was right in the roots of his hair and not dye or fading and that the folicle was oval so he had wavy red hair and was light complected and a white person like all the pharoah's before him. The statue of Mereyetamun (who was Rameses daughter and wife) was white skinned and blonde. Rameses was the last white pharoah. You can clearly see that his father Sety was a white man by his mummy. It is believed that moses sister (Miriam) was actually Queen Nefertiti (the statue). The queen of Sheba was Queen Hatshepsut who was blonde (they have her mummy). Joseph of the bible was also blonde (they have his mummy and it's in excellent condition. He also had 2 holes in each earlobe and evidently wore earrings. In those days, white people ruled Egypt, not darker people although there were 'other' people of different ethic races in Egypt at the time. Joseph of the bible was the great grandfather of King Tut which is why they have never done DNA on him for fear it would show Jewish blood. So, all of the actors in the Ten Commandments were correct in being white. I just thought that all of this was interesting and if you have any information for me, I would love to have you write me. Thank you.

Yet another writer who thinks he has the magical ability to determine who is Jewish or not without actually looking it up. And then insists on using termins like "uber-goy" or "shiksa", just to rub in his mistakes, I guess. (and how does one become an "uber" goy as opposed to your average one off the street?)

One of your mistakes was Olive Deering, who was certainly Jewish, as was her husband, Leo Penn, Sean Penn's father (Sean Penn's mother was not Jewish).

Btw, Cecille De Mille's mother was Jewish. Yes, she converted to Christianity to marry his father, a minister, but still. It's misleading to accuse him of anti-Semitism without mentioning his own heritage.

One of most famous aspects of Karnak, is the Hypostyle Hall in the Precinct of Amun-Re, a hall area of 50,000 sq ft(5,000 m2) with 134 massive columns arranged in 16 rows. 122 of these columns are 10 meters tall, and the other 12 are 21 meters tall with a diameter of over three meters. The architraves on top of these columns weigh an estimated 70 tons.

FWIW, John the Baptist was Jewish too. I'm just saying.

What are some of the lessons learned from this movie?

Nice epic is expressed in the blog. Like that.

Hello I enjoyed yoiur article. I think you have some good ideas and everytime i learn something new i dont think it will ever stop always new info , Thanks for all of your hard work!.

FYI: Olive Deering was 100% Jewish, and so was her brother Alfred Ryder!

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