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April 20, 2006


Okay. I'm fully awake now. Your post -- which I read with my first morning coffee -- is chilling. But, not to worry Danny, you haven't lost this Chicago fan. It will take more than Hitler, Bush and his buddies, and other disturbing subjects, to shake me from your blog.

I can't believe that I read this post from beginning to end. Fascinating. And so important to remember. I do wonder about you though, Danny. I mean, who on earth wakes up in the morning remembering that it is Hitler's birthday?

Hm ... actually, come to think of it, I do know someone other than you ...

In fact, I learned a lot from this even though it clearly has affected the taste of my early morning coffee.
Great post, Danny!

Your Hitler-Birthday comments are, by and large, of the high caliber I've come to expect from you.

However, I think your comparison of George W.Bush's hypothetical comments (via Mr. Rove) stretches a point. I'm not even remotely a Dubya fan. Nonetheless, to compare his imagined remarks to Hitler's utterances trivializes the latter.

Bob Civin

Bob, I know I shouldn't have even mentioned Bush in this post since the last thing I want to do is engage in that kind of hysterical comparison which I agree is inappropriate and trivializing. However, when I read that speech I couldn't help but notice that the rhetoric used to describe Hitler's role during the war had some interesting parallels to some of the statements used in reference to Bush's war-time actions and I simply couldn't resist commenting on that. I do realize that no matter what I say, invoking Bush and Rove's names in this post is quite incendiary.

(But, hey, at least I got your attention enough to comment! Are you the Bob Civin who was involved in the Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964?)

I was too blown away by the vastness of my previous ignorance of the other big meaning of 420 to think about Hitler.

My husband says I'm falling down on my job of keeping up with the youth culture!

Danny, you're one of a handful of bloggers who always have my attention.

You ask if I'm the Bob Civin who participated in the Mississippi Freedom Summer in '64. I sure am. It's one of the few things I've done that I'm proud of.

How in the world do you know? I didn't make any headlines.

Bob Civin

Sadly, and not coincidentally, 4/20 also is the anniversary of the Columbine massacre, which took place in 1999. There will always be hate-filled individuals who make big grandiose plans for this day.

Great post, Danny.

Danny, Danny... I think you misread my last comment on your previous post. I said after Moses and Jesus, it was a good time to write a post about Buddha...

My first dip into your site. I was acutely aware of April 20, and gave a sigh of relief that nothing truly awful was perpetrated. Though apparently there were some high school kids that planned to shoot up their school this week, but one put the kibosh on by posting their plans on MySpace.

Nazi parallels with current America won't hold. We are too fragmented and self-centered to follow leadership to that degree. I think Ancient Rome is far more apt.

Wait, I'll say it. Bush is Hitler. Wait, no, Rove is Hitler. No, that doesn't make any sense. The current administration is made up of Nazis. There, better.

(kidding, please don't hurt me)

I agree that the rhetoric is alarmingly similar. Comparisons are justified because they wake people up and create a dialogue.

About the post about Hitlers birthday:

Thank you for some very good reading. I'm studying the subject of genocide at the University in Oslo, Norway, and I must say that I'm very happy for even the slightest interest and awareness of the important subject you're somewhat sketching. Besides that, you write in a good way.

I hope the world never forgets Holocaust.

Best regards,

I was born in Cologne/Germany in 1927, grew up in Germany before my family left in 1949 to come to the States. I was forced into the Hitler Youth at age 10 fought and killed inthe final battles in Berlin in 1945 where I lost my right eye and arm at age 17.
There is no comparison between Nazis and our current administration. For all the terrible deeds the Nazis did to the Germans and to many others, including the Holocaust, they did not ever try to destroy their own middleclass and allow only classless, uneducated people with no heritage or culture to enter the land. Only CAPITALISTS of the worst kind try to dumb out the population to better control their consumer habits. The middle class is a threat to a capitalist. This country is loosing its identity not due to Nazis running it, but due to uncontrolled and encouraged capitalism of the worst kind. Individuals mean nothing, culture and education means nothing, lip service to humanitarian projects, healthcare, dignity is practiced religiously. Profit, Profit over everything else. The term CAPITALIST is an insult to any true Nazi. Nationalistic thinking is outdated. The world has moved on. Nazis are irrelevant. Racism is irrelevant. Creating a better world should be all of our endeavors. And that would mean to get Capitalism under control. Oh, I encourage and believe in entrepreneurship and free markets. When it comes to exploiting the nation, posting profits of billions of Dollars in a quarter of a year, when most people have trouble paying for gas, allowing Mexican trucks to do business in the US putting US companies out of business, hiring illegal alien labor to undercut wages, moving corporate headquarters of government contractors into foreign countries for tax saving reasons, checking 'Grandma' at the airport but leaving the border wide open so illegal labor can get in, etc., that is where I draw the line. I thought Bush was a strong President I could believe in. I was wrong. I should have looked at my 80 years of experience with politicians, when they don't kiss babies, they steal their lollipops. Loosers.

Black Power!

The Only reference that I have to 4:20 is that it means that its time 2 smoke marijuana. Heh, sorry! Yes, sadly, I am living in Denver, now & am WELL-aware of the implic8ions of Adolf Schikel-
Gruber's (der Fuhrer's REAL name,btw: his Jewish BIRTH name, you see) birthday, because the massacre @ that High School remains fresh in our minds - since the media throw it in our face EVERY spring.
It is also the day that Jerry Garcia, well0-known & celebr8ed guitarist & singer 4 the musical group, 'the Greatful Dead' passed away. Oh well, life goes ON, huh. Shalom

great day 20th april ,its my birthday.

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