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April 01, 2006


I've toned down a lot of the political talk on my blog over the past few months, but if there are any issues that still turn me into a red-faced Hulk of a human being it's theocrats and discrimination against homosexuals. Often, the two are intimately related.

Okay, I have to go before I explode again.

all the news that fit to print. i'd rather read your blog than the newspapers!

Thanks Danny for tackling this issue. I was shocked the other morning at doggie park to learn that one of my friends wouldn't send her son to Big Brother (the dad is incarcerated) because "they allow homosexuals to be part of the program." I quickly told her I have a gay daughter and disagree with her views. Our dogs still play together, but I doubt if our friendship will ever be the same.

Well said, Danny. Keep up your battle against the Armies of the Annoying.

Smokin'. There was a controversial play up here at the local high school and, believe it or not, Focus on the Family sent FOUR members from Colorado to witness the discussion. We have to pay attention.

Danny, this is an issue that will long be around, I'm afraid. But you're right, thank goodness heterosexuals don't divorce, or have affairs, molest and abuse children, or break the law.

Funny, we won't send our sons to Boy Scouts because they won't let gay men or boys participate. What a world we live in. And I live in one of the most backwards states in the Union. It is depressing. Judaism is actually moving forward in this arena in several movements; what the hell is happening to our country?

Right on, Danny! Great post.

Not surprisingly, Maggart is on the wrong side of every issue where I could find her mentioned in online news. I don't think I want to know how many people think the way she does.

I find it absurd that in the year 2006 there are still several of politicians that have views (almost) as extreme as Maggart. I feel like one of the lucky kids, as I was born into a loving Jewish family where I was allowed to believe whatever I wanted to believe (existence of God, etc.), but was always taught to be a tolerant person.

Reading about people like Maggart, I truly feel that people who are raised in big cities have such an advantage over those raised in small towns. I attended a public elementary school in Greenwich Village, NYC and had a teacher in third grade who took medical leave to give birth to her second child. The whole class was aware, even at the ages of 8 or 9, that she was a lesbian. Nobody questioned it, it just was. For the most part, the kids in that class, and the whole school for that matter (there were several other teachers that were open about their homosexuality) are probably tolerant people who will never discriminate against anyone because of their sexual orientation.

I feel so lucky to have been raised in a big city by loving parents. I didn't have a "Christ-centered" upbringing, but I'm a hell of a lot more accepting than the small town kids that I've met in college who are still struggling with how they feel about those who are deemed "different" by an intolerant modern society. Again, is it really 2006?!

As bad as this is (and it's plenty bad), I don't think the Religious Right intends to stop with gays. I'm sure there are detailed plans for eventually suspending the rights of atheists too. And then it will be people who do not acknowledge any particular faith. And then not any particular Christian faith. And so on.

Thank you for being an ally.

OY! Maggert and her ilk...DELIVER ME, PLEASE!
Did you happen to see the Special on HBO about the Rosie O'Donnell Gay Family's Cruise? I defy anyone to see that and not only not be moved and feel totally opposite to Maggert, but also to consider taking a Gay Family Cruise...I wish I had had such loving parents growing up! It should be 'required' viewing for this whole country.

Back off Braveheart!!

Justin speaks for me, this blog is pretty sweet! I just spoke to Jewish currents in the East Bay about Paul Robeson. If you are ever in the Bay Area hopefully you can catch a speech.
Happy Passover

I am so sick and tired of Bush and his crap.This country is being laughed at. Things that are important that should be addressed, are not. Most of all, our Amendments are being picked apart. It's like a bad coupon, "Buy 5 cans of "Our" vegetables get one free" but look at the fine print: "all 5 have to be corn" Seems like our Rights are being re-written with conditions. Also, I am sick of people putting Gays in the same catagory as Molesters. Looks like when people are ignorant of something they just put it in the "Nasty" pile. Just had to let that out. Thanks

Reading your response to Maggart and the modern-day homophobia was encouraging. I'm 42, and have been with my partner for 19 years, and I'm still surprised when I see so called straight people stand up for us. Just not used to it, I guess! In reality, it's not about straight or gay, it's about the sane and compassionate people who have the courage to be vocal and to stand up for what is humane and loving.
Thanks for this post.

In case you have a long memory, Maggart now has an opponent . . .

Thanks so much for posting this. I just viewed MILK, the docudrama about the life and untimely death of gay activist Harvey Milk. I plan to go back to the movie, in a gay supporting theater - the Castro as matter of fact- on December 5 which is being organized to be a day to do just that.

Gay rights is an idea whose time has come. It amazes me that the people who came into California to pass Prop. 8 had so much money and so much time to spread hate.

I am planning to post a blog about this on my dog site on December 5. Even my dog loves without bigotry and believes in civil rights.

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