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April 26, 2006


Oy! I'm always sitting next to people like you, hacking and wheezing and sweating and radiating ill health! You should be made to sit in an overhead bin!

Seriously: Have a great trip. See great plays. And drink plenty of liquids. Perhaps it's a superstition, but I never get ice in my drinks on planes. I feel like the ice bins preserve every germ brought onto the plane from everywhere on its route.

Bon Voyage!

Danny, your next post better be about puppies or kitties and how cute they are when they give you little baby kisses.

Hmm, let's see...war, censorship, homophobia, antisemitism, genocide, crucifixion, Hitler, worldwide health crises...I do seem to be on a roll spreading sunshine and light throughout the blogosphere.

Even if I tried to write about cute kittens it would probably turn into a piece about feline leukemia. I'm doomed.

Thank you, Danny! I loved "Upstairs, Downstairs," but I never saw the episode where Hazel died; and I never knew what happened to her. James was a bit of a jerk. Anyway, thanks for clearing up that mystery and for the great info. on that horrible epidemic.

Oh My Dear One! I had no idea that you were sick..! Lordy! I hope the trip does not make things worse...and I hope Kendall doesn't get it....(Or did she give it to you?? No, I don't think she did....)
Very interesting about these Flu things and that Avain Flu sems a lot more horrific than I knew!! THAT many people dead, already? That's a huge percentage...OY OY!

Does M. have an Oscar???? For what film?

I hoope you have a GREAT time in New York and that the plane trip cures you....!
Fly safe!

Oh my goodness, I remember that episode!!! You brought me back. Have a safe trip, consider "Airborne"?

"I had a bird whose name was Enza....", "Ring around the rosies a pocket full of posies....", "Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty wacks...."

Doesn't it seem like children's jump rope songs tend to be rather moribid?


Pale Horse, Pale Rider by Katherine Anne Porter is a heartbreaking tale of the influenza time, all the more so because it was mostly autobiographical.

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