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March 06, 2006


I can't stomach awards shows, so I only watched for about three minutes to see how Jon Stewart was handling it. I saw the faux campaign ads for Best Actress, and I liked them because they were very Daily Show. I did look at a "Oscar Fashion Slideshow" on Yahoo! News yesterday, because I like to see beautiful people wearing pretty dresses. Salma Hayek knocks me dead every time. I am a straight woman but ever since I saw her in Desperado I have thought, "She is the kind of woman who could turn me off men forever."

Oh, and I hope your back is feeling better, Danny! I am such a jerk for not saying that in the first place.

Danny, what a great review! Your comparison of the the 2 songs had me rolling on the floor. The way they played the music during speeches was incredibly distracting, I'm surprised that not one award winner yelled: SHUT THE MUSIC UP! I say, a streaker would have saved the whole broadcast.

I can't handle award shows anymore. I only saw Crash and didn't think much of it.

Danny, I heard about the pimp song when it was nominated and I was absolutely floored and depressed yesterday when I read that it won. Is the Academy trying to prove they are not old and out of touch?

Personally, I was thrilled to see Crash win best screenplay and best picture. I thought it was a brilliantly complex and intensely moving film.

My favorite one liner of the night: when Jon Stewart was talking about movie pirating and commented that "some of these actresses can't afford enough dress to cover their breasts!" I absolutely adore Stewart.

Dolly Parton...Oh dear me...I love her voice but, gosh, I can't stand to look at her. It's really quite sad to she what she has become.

Will Ferrell & Steve Carrell: I thought it was pretty funny, but I guess I'm just a high school theatre make up artist.

Lily Tomlin & Meryl Streep: I aspire to that sort of greatness.

Ok...So...was it just me or did Jack Nicholson sound really old when presenting? It made me sort of sad.

The orchestra playing through the speeches was tacky...a moment like that should not require 'background music'.

Just hopped over from ambivablog. I love that you single out Hayek and Cruz as today's classic beauties. I was thinking of them myself (along with Alba and - dare I say it - Lopez) when amba lamented the absence of any classic beauties at this year's Oscars. Maybe we just don't recognize them quite as readily now that they're not made from the same blonde-haired, blue-eyed mold they were made from years ago.

I also agree with your points on Streep and the pimp/ho song. Stewart's spontaneous jokes about the acceptance speech for that one were some of his best of the night.

Now I know why it's safe to turn in at 9 p.m. No need to watch the whole telecast. Danny will do condensed version of all I need to know. Thanks!

Great post, Danny. I spit out my drink when you asked the question "Which of these songs would you rather play at your wedding?" I thought the winners of the "Best Song" were an embarassment to the awards show. I mean, they couldn't find something to wear besides T-shirts and baseball caps. Ghetto fabulous is so 2000, and yet the academy is just catching up, evidentally. Grossed me out.

I thought Nicholson was drunk, not old. Equally sad though.

Selma and Penelope could make me a charter member of the L team. They are amazingly beautiful women, and talented as well, although I take points off Cruz for having a relationship with Tom Cruise (shudder).

Due to bad planning I was on a plane Sunday evening, but who cares now that I can just read about the show here? Did Judy Dench announce the winner of the best song? :)

In Italy they sell this crazy powder that cures back pain. I'll have to pick some of that up for you later this month.

Margalit: You've got to give Cruz back a few points for leaving Cruise ;)

"The only actual old-timers I saw in attendance were Mr. Andy Hardy himself, Mickey Rooney, looking a little bit like Darth Vader after Luke Skywalker removed his protective mask at the end of the first trilogy"

snort inducing comment. Great review. I found it rather ironic that Dolly looked like Felicity in her transgender role, eerily so.

Danny, I hate complimenting you too much, but your analysis of the Oscars was more interesting than the actual show.

I love reading your blog. I, too, am into the Oscars and watch yearly for ever since I can remember. My husband and I know your Uncle Paul who told us to read your blog, especially about the family. My son Jesse, started a website about the Community center in upstate New York where we have a weekend/summer home.It was the site of a very memorable visit by Paul and kids. Please visit our website, I know we need more input to make it better. Phillipsport,NY is near the site where many silent movies were made...Cuddebackville.
If you have any suggestions about the website, please send me any advice.
For years, I've been bored by the Oscars, and miss Bob Hope who was my favorite... if only the technology was that good, maybe Marilyn could be a presenter with Hope, and
Bogart. My friend Frank used to take pictures of the old stars who have all passed away. Unfortunately, nine years ago, while watching the Oscars, I got a phone call as co-executor of his estate, that he was in the hospital in grave condition. Since then, watching/anticipating the Oscars has always been depressing for me, because when I got to the hospital, I was told he would never gain consciousness and was dying as soon as all his organs gave took a couple of days. Perhaps I should have known that last night when I sat at the foot of his bed, listening to West Side Story which I had playing on the TV,his favorite Steven Sondheim lyrics "Somewhere" before I got ready to leave, read him prayers from the Tibetan Book of the Dead and was woken up by a call the next morning that he had passed.
A couple of weeks ago, our local newspaper,
the Times Herald Record was full of stories of people who met George Clooney in Monroe NY in bars, on the street etc. He seemed like a regular guy. Phillipsport is too far away! C'est la vie..I live in Soho, NY and hardly ever see anyone, and don't recognize

Lauren Bacall was showing distinct signs of Parkinson's disease -- possibly the variant genetically common among Ashkenazi Jews (though I hope not -- it's horrific -- my grandfather and aunt died of it) that includes dementia.

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