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March 05, 2006


Danny, that is an amazing picture of the Oscars being brought into the Kodak theatre.
I'm with you about the Best Song. When was the last time there was a truly great original song?

There is so much wrong with the Oscars, I don't know where to begin. It's just such a tedious show. Can't the best minds in TV and movies do something? Either make it a five hour industry event and let everyone just talk as much as they want -- maybe someone will actually say something interesting before the music starts to play -- or bring back the stupid entertainment. I like Jon Stewart, but he is too low key for this event for my taste. If American Idol had been on, I would have watched that instead.

What a terrific moment to have caught with your camera, Danny...I've never even seen another photgraph of that 'happening'...Wonderful! Frankly, I was thrilled when the song "It's Hard Out There For A Pimp" least it is an integral part of that film, which I liked very very much, by the way...including the building and creating of that song....I found that quite a wonderful part of that film!!! And BTW it's the first song in years and years that can lay clain to that!

Did you ever see the Mocumentary made by Peter Jackson somewhat based on the sets being buried idea.only it takes place in New Zealand I believe....OY..I cannot think of the name of it right now..It should be on IMDB of course....well, I had no idea it was not 'the real thing' and bought it, hook line and sinker!

Anyway...I love that you went up to my neighborhood and got those great pictures!

"FORGOTTEN SILVER" is the name of that Peter Jackson Mocumentary..1995! It is on DVD if you ever are of a mind to see it...

I'm so glad that I'm not alone in the desire for abolishment of original song! What a waste of air-time, and frankly, embarrasing spectacle it is. I also think it slightly degrades those film makers and composers who have toiled for years on a picture when some of the songs just feel like an afterthought. Most people have left the cinema by the time the song is heard over the credits anyway. Please - let that be the last time....

Also, has anyone else noticed how the front row of these events cease to applaud the film makers before they have reached the stage? Please! No more embarrasing frittering of applause. They don't have to whip up a frenzy but at least look like you give a damn!! Also, to non Americans, some of the chat and references are completely lost on us. It's all about the speeches and the glamour so let's have more of that and less of the time killers, thank you.

Love this site though, keep up the good work. It certainly brightens a grey London afternoon!

Naomi pointed me in your direction ( I get here and she is talking about Forgotten Silver how ironic lol. I was not taken in for a moment when I saw it air but a LOT of people were )

I am so wrapped to see that picture of the set tribute, top floor of the Highland centre, I loved it and sat there eating cookies in the sun back in June when I was on a very quick semi working trip ( for E ! ugh lol)
I had to laugh at the pictures of the "Parade of Oscars" can you believe they actually have a name for that "event". Only in Hollywood.

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