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March 16, 2006


Danny, I am so sorry about this. Leah must be quite shaken. I hope that everyone who has been touched by this tragedy will be able to find the strength they need to recover and move on.

Little Shop of Horrors is in my top 5 favorite musicals, by the way. What I wouldn't give to be Ronette or Crystal or Chiffon!

OH, Danny, I watched this on the news the other night, in shock and horror. I was stunned to read your blog this morning, to find out this was Leah's school. I'm so sorry for what you all must be going through. The loss of their 24 year old teacher is just so tragic. I work in the field of grief support, and the grief counselors gave you very good advice. It is so unfair that such young souls should have to face this kind of horrible reality.
Again, I'm so sorry for all of you.

Tragedy's fingers always creep out to touch someone in some way...

I'm sorry it was Leah's fellow students and a staff teacher and the school's families who were touched by this. I hope Leah will be able to heal from this horrific news and continue to be the bright light that she is.

How sad for everyone.

By the way, the production was a lot of fun. And with Leah -- I think you have an actress on your hands.

Thanks, everyone. And thank you, Neil, for coming to Leah's show that night, that was so nice of you. Sorry there was such a pall over the evening but the kids did do an amazing job, I loved that performance. It was very moving to see several kids and parents from Leah's school in the audience that night who already knew what had happened.

Oh my how tragic :( I am so sorry to hear this happened at your daughters school.

Absolutely horrifying and heartbreaking.. I am so glad your daughter is okay - what a senseless tragedy - glad they found the human trash that did this - a fight in a car and a 24-year-old innocent woman loses her life and children are injured...just makes you shake your very sad..

Oh Danny... I am holding back the swear words and disgust. Not only towards the person who could walk away but also the land that could make it easy to do so. What times these children live in! Please give Leah a hug from all of us who don't even know her. Best...

Danny...How truly horrendous! I hadn't seen the news so I knew nothing about this. What a terrible terrible thing to have happened...Does it seem to you that there are more and more crazy things happening in schools, around schools, or near schools? I don't remember these kinds of things happening 'back in the day'...perhaps because there wasn't as much traffic then...and nobody was doing drugs back then...(Hard to believe, I know)...
I hope Leah recovers from this tragedy with not too many scars...Hug her for me, too!

I can't believe that was Leah's school . . . May her friends and her school recover and keep on going...

Danny, that's so horrifying...the kids are in my thoughts.

It's so sad how these things happen to such good people.

Danny, I'm so saddened to hear that your daughter's school was the scene of such a tragic event. But I'd like to assure you that even though it seems now like this event will forever taint the kids and the school, that time will heal the wounds. My children attended the middle school where there was a horrible bus accident in Canada when the driver fell asleep and drive the bus off the road. 4 kids died, two Jewish, 2 asian, and many more were injured, including a beloved Music teacher. The kids were going to perform in a concert in Canada. It also made national and international news for days.

The school has recovered, but some of the kids on the bus have not. There have been attempted suicides, but so far, knock wood, all the kids are still with us. The school provided ongoing counseling, and these kids are now Juniors in high school, and are looking forward to college.

It's horrid to be associated with a school that has this kind of history, but it does draw the families closer together, and it does make the children realize the fragility of family and friends.

Hugs to Leah.

What a sad story. I hope the school does what it can to help the kids get through this.

I can't believe I am reading this terrible story actually happening to Leah's schoolmates. How absolutely terrifying and devastating for everyone. I am holding you all in my thoughts.

Oh, Danny.

Jesus, Danny, how horrible. I'm sorry I'm a few days late getting here. It's good that the grief counselors are saying wise, true things to the parents and children, and that the children are urging their parents to drive safely. I hope Leah and all her peers emerge from this with only the psychic scars that are proportionate.

Danny, this is the first time I've been to your blog...and, what a horrifying piece to read. In one count your blessings that your child was out of harm's another, you grieve for those helpless and unsuspecting victims that weren't so lucky. And over what? An arguement? Shameful...disgusting and heart-breaking. Your advice is good Danny; and I hug my kids as much as I can...grown-ups or not.

How horrible. When my oldest daughter was in 4th grade, her teacher was killed in a house fire. I don't think she's ever gotten over that (and then her friend's mother was killed in a car accident last summer, and her other friend's mother had a cardiac arrest 2 months ago..)

Very glad to hear that your daughter was spared witnessing this. Odd to think she was saved by show business.

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