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March 03, 2006


**mournfully deletes half-written post called "Scarlett Johansson's Breasts and Why I Love Them"**

Well, I guess I can't talk to you anymore as I am incapable of having a conversation longer than 3 sentences that doesn't include talk of bosoms. ........**mournfully wishing The Retropolitan would finish his half written post.**

Oh damn, you're both right—as long as we do it with love, what could be wrong? Next time Scarlett is over I'll ask her to read the Retropolitan's ode to her fabulous orbs. But I still hope if Mizrahi finds a new victim at the Oscars this Sunday that he is beaten upside the head with the buxom star's Oscar de la Renta sequined clutch.

Please don't ever say orbs again.

Danny, stop being so naive! This sort of assault on women has been happening since the first man decided he'd been created first. I think it's much less about invasion of privacy and much more about sexual politics.

Whether it's naive to be offended by the antics of people like Mizrahi and Brody or not, they're still offensive.

Whether they exemplify sexual politics or invasion of privacy, their acts shouldn't be countenanced.

I would have loved it if Berry had given Brody a smackdown. The same if Johansson had decked Mizrahi.

It all boils down to one thing: respect. Female performers and all of America should demand it.

Mark Daniels

Don't get me wrong, Mark, I'm not suggesting at all that we should NOT be offended at the treatment of these women - quite the opposite - the awards shows are but the tip of the iceberg. We should also be offended at the VF cover that didn't portray the designer in the nude because according to VF, women are a bunch of frigid, uninterested, housewives who don't like to see men in the nude. Or was that just a ruse, the real motivation behind the one-sided cover being to show how women are to be appreciated ONLY for their physical attributes, as Danny suggests.

Fascinating...this modern, advanced culture of ours!

It's too bad Scarlett didn't smack Isaac. It's no different than people touching pregnant bellies...just because they happen to be "sticking out", doesn't give people the right to touch. I'm sure Scarlett was in shock and wasn't quite sure how to respond. (trying to remain "red-carpet" dignified, you know, like Joan and Melissa always And you're right, just because someone is gay, doesn't give them the right to playfully poke at the opposite sex. On the other hand, it is difficult to know where else to look when one is wearing a dress like that!

What is laughable is that in the various "defences" of Mizrahi's behavior, from Mizrahi's people, it has been reiterated that he's gay, and the last person to be "homophobic," apparently not realizing there is a difference between homophobia and misogyny.

The look on Ryan Seacrests face pretty much summed it up. I am surprised Issac was allowed back to do the Oscar coverage.
On a totally random sidenote, I just showed your house/movie set pics to a friend of mine and found out someone I know was a "piano player in a bar" in that movie. Six degrees of weirdness, I am going to ask Tim if he was actually at your house, I am betting yes lol.

And here I thought I'd scored at Target buying a great suede jacket for 26 bucks. Never again, Mizrachi.

Scarlett should have slapped the guy in the face... that's the only way to get the message to such creeps!

Scarlett is my new favorite female actress. Melanie Griffith will be ticked when she finds out, but she will just have to deal with it. :)

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