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March 20, 2006


You're so right. We have become accustomed or desensitized to the most egregious waste and misappropriation of our time, our energy and our money.

And every instance of this should be pointed out, and scorned for what it is: creeping fascism.

I am far more critical of the song she was singing with Justin Timberlake at the halftime show than her wardrobe. Touché, Danny! And what kind of superior values are kids being taught by American Idol? That it's okay to ridicule people for trying their hardest, and that mean-spirited snarks and constant bickering are exemplary behaviors?

Couldn't agree more, Danny. I was surprised watching Justin pull off Janet's top, and didn't find it appropriate for the Superbowl, but come on...the violence of football is far worse. I don't love everything Howard Stern has to say (although, I think he's hysterical and i miss hearing him in the morning), but isn't that what the off switch is for? Where and who should be drawing the line? Certainly not the likes of Michael Powell.
Heather: okay, I admit, I watch American Idol. I love to see the average Joe try and make it. But if Paula punches Simon one more time...(if it was the reverse, he'd be brought up on assault charges)

Well, my solution is to vote out the prevailing political party and hope for some sweeping housecleaning immediately thereafter. The chance comes this fall.

Sounds a lot like Germany in the late 20's and early 30's...Are we heading for Book Burning??? We have gotta get these creeps out oc office and, Light A Fire under a lot of people in Our Beautiful Country who don't seem to realize they are loosing their rights, Right & Left! (If you'll excuse the expression!) GREAT POST Danny..This should be an Editorial in The Los Angeles Times!!! Bravo To You!

This all fits into the whole "distraction" from the big issues theory I have going. If we keep people guessing about whether or not they can use the word "shit" on TV, they won't have time for the war in Iraq or the rolling back of Roe v. Wade. It's all connected....

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