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February 02, 2006


Hey, I was going to write a post tonight about Canter's! You beat me to the deli post. Anyway, your deli is much more classier than mine. Welll, not really. I guess that would be Factor's. They're the most expensive, with the smallest sandwiches.

I get the feeling that the correct way to make it in Hollywood is to live in your basement. The stars will come to you!

So sorry to hear about the job, especially since you seemed so devoted to it! Hope you'll find something else you like even more.

Your house gets the best jobs... will you be able to watch them film?

Wink at Hugh Jackman for me, ok?

Unbelievable. There's a children's book lurking in Leah's autobiography: a smart, precocious, talented kid who comes home every day to a completely transformed house, and gets to inhabit it as a completely different person.

I was at the low-income senior apartment complex I manage in Florida the last couple of days. Here was the dialogue I overheard:

"So my uncle lost a leg in World War I, and you know, they brought it home and buried it. And he done come home, too, what with only havin' one leg and all, but he can't sleep, 'cause he swears he feels cold water runnin' over his lost leg, night and day. Still feels it, and it's cold as ice. Made 'em up dig up the grave and see was cold water runnin' over that leg. There weren't none, but he felt better after that."

Keep going to the diners, and keep writing.

Man, that's what I call some good eavesdropping! Almost makes me want to visit LA.

So that's who's making the movie of JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR. NORRELL! Wonderful book, and should be a wonderful movie with that cast.

I was going to add, "David: Write that children's book!" but I hate when people say that kind of thing to me. So just forget I said it.

Richard, I know that sounds like the plot of "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" but the movie being shot in our house is actually of a book called "The Prestige" by Christopher Priest. I know they were supposed to be making a movie of the other book too--can there be too many films about feuding magicians?

Danny...great post, so many things to comment on...Farmer's market has a meeting of the show-biz minds too. I've seen Paul Mazursky there with his cronies and I understand they meet every morning. Ahhh, you gotta love L.A.
Sophia Loren is amazingly beautiful...loved her non-anorexic body.
The "shoot" sounds like alot of fun...hope your house stays in one piece!

Danny, can I wear your shoes for a day, and walk where you walk?

Of course, things always seem greener on the other side of the electronic-eyed, radio-controlled, wrought-iron, ten-foot-high Hollywood fence, but I wouldn't mind shadowing you for the day.

Oh, and please reserve a table for me at this
Nate 'n Al's -- I want to cut some deals, too!

Great usual.

Randi, Paul Mazursky is there almost every morning with his gang, I see him all the time. I write many of my posts from Farmers Market--funny to think I may be sitting next to fellow bloggers without even knowing it.

Pearl, you don't want to walk in these shoes, trust me! But I'll meet you at Nate n'Al's for some matzah brei and a piece fish.

What a post! Am dying here. First the divine description of Nate n'Als where I am splitting my sides laughing. Then the sad news (especially for me) about you leaving your current position ... I still walk around my house feeling lost and abandoned since I heard ... And then the conclusion: all those interesting people in your very own home. Yes indeed ... I would also like to walk awhile in those LA shoes of yours. Lucky Leah! Oy, danny. What a post!

Danny, good to know we have our own Man in La-La Land. I think you should be writing this sort of stuff for a living, full time, sitting in Nate & All's, eavesdropping. Wonderful.

are there any coffee klatcher's in Nate N Als. or Cantors, just looking for a friendly group of people

Wondering where I could buy a picture/poster of Barney and Thelma Lou for my Dad's birthday. THanks!

what is the address of your thousand oaks nate n l's

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