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February 06, 2006


you have so much fun danny miller!

okay, Danny, I wrote about my brush with fame yesterday...but this is waaaaaaay better...keep snapping away and keep your fire extinguisher handy! Tell Hugh, I love him.

What Fun, Danny! I wish I could see this tranformation that they've done! It sounds fantastic! And how is your lovely wife enjoying all this invasional activity? (LOL)

And the strangest part and maybe the worst part is: These scenes may end up on the cutting room floor! And when you think of what each day costs a film's overwhelming awesome!

I hope we get to see the scenes!
And I hope you get to keep the bar, too! Wouldn't that be cool?

Are you sleeping there in the house at night? Or is it all too disruptive?

Well, I can't wait to hear about it.

Oh, Danny. I can't tell if this is hate or envy I feel right now. ;)

Maybe it should be pity--they just wrapped and left en masse and our house looks like Dorothy's after the cyclone hit. But they'll be back at 6 am tomorrow to clean it all up and repaint. All in all a very professional and friendly crew. I hope everyone will go see this movie and cheer during the bar scenes. I never did see Christian Bale, I guess he wasn't here after all, but Caine, Jackman, and Johansson are great. We should have had them sign our walls. How crazy is it to be a movie star? Or a director and have all that pressure on you? Ah, the simple life of an editor/writer/blogger...

Danny, did you register your home with a location-scouting agency? It's exciting, and pay-worthy, I'm sure. But is the upheaval worth it? Do you get to be put up at the Beverly Hills Hilton so something on par with that?

A friend in Toronto had her family home "transformed" for a Christmas movie--fake snow and all. Her family had to keep all the Judaica hidden. Wouldn't have worked in a Christmas film!


That's a dream come true!!!!!

Do you guys get your names in the credits?

How utterly thrilling!!!!

Is this a multiple-day shoot?

Wow, A movie! In your house! A movie! It just seems almost over the top. It looks like fun though, meeting the stars, eating the food. Post more pictures! :)

Am fainting, gasping on the floor with envy and delight.

The photos are splendid. Just as they should be for such an occassion. Next time invite all your blogger buddies - we can hide out in the bathrooms and peek every now and again like impish elves - *virtually* not there ... hm ... come to think of it, I guess you did invite us already ... with these posts.


The studio folks are almost finished returning our house to normal...and we didn't get to keep the bar, darn it! It was just a one-day shoot and we got to stay there but sometimes people have to move out. I'm hoping we can get more gigs (preferably a TV series) but it's just like being an actor: you have a lot of people coming to look at your house and sounding very positive and then you often never hear from them again. But we've been pretty lucky so I can't complain even though I'm kicking myself for not taking more photos. There were so many great photo ops of the costumed extras lounging all over our property. Oops, I mean "background artists," that's what they prefer to be called.

Hi Danny! This is SO AMAZING! I couldn't believe this when I read it! You are so lucky, and I remember the days before you even had this house and before your house was famous. I hope it hasn't changed you. Haha : ) This just makes me speechless, and I am so envious!!! Lucky guy! Miss you : )

Surprise of the year: "Johansson is hauntingly beautiful in her period costume."

Take ten deep, slow breaths, Danny.


How did you get this gig.

Oh, and just because I live in Wisconsin, doesn't mean I don't get to hobknob with the rich and famous.

I once passed Phil Rizzuto in the airport.

You know, I bet they would take you up on the offer to return the money they are paying you for using the house in exchange for a love scene with Ms. Johansson in the movie.

I adore Michael Caine. He's such a regular working-class guy.

That's so much fun!!

Deirdre G

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