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February 13, 2006


Great post, Danny. I wanted to look for YOU at the show last night but decided that would be just too weird. Talk about celebrity fawning.

You know, I've never met another blogger, although I almost did once. On the other hand, I HAVE met Martha Plimpton. ;)

It really strikes me as funny that you, who seem to know so many, would get nervous around celebrities! (I've always thought it odd to hear a celebrity say that they were nervous to meet someone too.)

I haven't run into many celebrities. The few that I have, I guess I've just ignored... didn't really have anything to say!

I wonder why people are this way around the famous... what's the psychology behind it? If you figure it out, let me know!

“All the best parts of people coming together can be found in music"
Wow, I love that quote and so true.
I love your honesty, as usual Danny.

Celebrity is a funny thing, isn't it?

My boyfriend gets all excited when I get an e-mail from Kelly Hogan or Paul Burch or one of the guys from the Old 97's, or the night I got to talk to Jeff on the phone a couple weeks ago. ("Oh my gosh! I can't believe I just said hi to Sue Miller!!!")

But what I've learned over the past few years is that we're all just people...yeah, some people may be more recognizable than others, but we're still all on the same level, pretty much. And those who really think they're higher than the rest of us probably aren't worth talking to anyway because of their egos.

The delightful irony of this is that before my epiphany of humanity and celebrity (which happened about a year ago, I believe,) I actually found it easier to talk to 'famous' people than to talk to my peers. Social anxiety disorder is a funny thing, isn't it?

hi danny -

i am such a huge fan of jeff's and of wilco in general... as is my best friend sofia and she actually knows paul karoll, as he was her dad's best friend in college but anyway. she linked me to this entry, telling me that she was sure i'd appreciate it and i just wanted to... i guess thank you for writing it? i always get marble mouthed when it comes to articulating how i feel about jeff, wilco and his music... but the things that you described, about how much he gives of himself and the quietness he possesses when he's onstage... i won't lie to you, those very things are what had me crying the whole time in the front row when he played new york in november. it was just nice to hear it from someone who's close to him. so thank you. haha and you should tell him that i say hi. i'm pretty starstruck myself. ;o)

Danny, I think that fans who feel a deep connection to a celebrity are often just as eager for the opportunity to have their idol meet them as vice versa. "How could Jeff not realize that I really get him?" they might think, "I am sure that the moment he looks into my eyes he will see that I truly am his biggest fan. I am more worthy than the other 1198 people in this room tonight, and he will remember me forever." I have no such delusions -- I am much too shy to make an impression on anyone in person!

Sam's joke cracked me up. What a deep little kid!

Yow, I'm feeling highly celebretorial (uhm?) myself, being as I'm the poster of the Acoustic Sweet Spot message, AND I'm one of the "travel from city to city" weirdos. Thank you for giving me a moment in the sun.

If you ever find yourself in DC, Danny, let me know and I'll take you to the Takoma Theater, which has the most freakish acoustics you could ever imagine. You have to hear it to believe it.

Hi Danny...GREAT Post as usual...Years and Years ago when the Music Centedr was newer and younger they had a Buffet dinner thingy upstairs ob the top of the Dorothy Chandler which was delicious and BG and I used to go AL the time before an Opening...And There in that place they had an'acoustic sweet spot'...which was very disconcerting...if you were sitting in a certain place, you could hear the people waaaay across the room talking in regular volume as if they were sitting right at your took us a while to realize, if we could here them this way...they no doubt could hear us in the same way....Very Embarassing!!!
I agree with the quote about music, 150%!

Danny, you drove me to it. Check out my blog. I'd have no problem talking to Catherine Keener, it's Jeff I'd have a problem with!

I heard that Jeff stopped the crowd in Portland too and asked them to quiet down. I tried to get tickets but it was sold out and it was even on my birthday :(

Glad to hear Jeff's doing well.

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