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January 23, 2006


Amazing post, Danny. I had those Paul Robeson stamps but didn't know much about him beyond the tiny biography on the back of the stamp sheet. Reading his testimony from the proceedings gave me chills.

GREAT GREAT Post Danny...I love that you have a lot of the Robeson transcript!
Very powerful and I agree with you...this should be required reading in every school in our land... A DVD you might be interested in if you aren't familiar with it is "SCANDALIZE MY NAME"..Stories From The Blacklist...with some GREAT people on it, including Harry Belafonte, Ossie Davis, and Rosetta LeNoire, (a very old friend of mine...dead now...) as well as Frederick O'Neal and Adam Clayton Powell III, and it's about those years and many many people of the Black Community including Robeson, who were blacklisted and what happened to them... Very Powerful, too...Hosted & Narrated by Morgan Freeman...

Wow. That was really fascinating and very moving. Thank you.

I'm serious.

OMG I can't believe it has been 30 years! I can still hear his mellow contra-bass "Ol Man River". In reading a bit more of his bio I was staggered by his versatility and accomplishments, including this little tidbit from Wikipedia: a noted college athlete, he earned fifteen varsity letters in football, baseball, basketball, and track and field, and was twice named to first-team All America in football. This was at Rutgers, not a traditionally all black school.

We need a few more like him today - of whatever skin color...

Thanks Danny, great educational and moving post.

I am amazed when I read stories such as this one. People who can stand against the "powers that be " with such conviction about his or her truth. I wish more people would do the same. Imagine the 1950's, when fear was a dominant emotions among blacks and this man stood in congress defending himself and oppressed people in general. WOW! Thank for the review.

OMG~!!! This is the most wonderful thing I've ever read on the web regarding Robeson.
Thanks and let's definitely stay in touch!!

Wow, just amazing.

I had recently finished, author Eugene O'Neal's play, "All God's Chillun" and wanted to learn more about the play. During my "google" search I came across your page somehow. I'm an African American whom really had only heard of this name and truely never new about the history and accomplishments of a great American citizen. Thank you and good luck in your journey of Life.

Just stumbled upon your website today, as I received word about a class reunion. I started scanning your posts & the Paul Robeson one caught my eye. Thanks for sharing it. I know I shall. The HUAC transcript was amazing. Thank you & peace!

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