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January 29, 2006


I skipped most of the post just to say:


Back to reading.

EDIT: I had and looooved this book I had about Ted being in some kind of race. I read it and re-read the damn thing a thousand times.

Fascinating Post!!! It's so very interesting to read about what you were doing and writing back at that time....and that you followed Christa McA. so very carefully, and the horrificness of her death and her 6 other collehues and it's impact on you! Truly horrible in every way, Danny.
I wonder too, about why some of the things each of us has lived through have more impact then others...and I do think it has to do with age and as you spoke about, through so very many horrible awful tragedy's has tired us out and worn us down in an emotional way...Interesting questions to contmplate....for sure.

Writing retrospectively in the mid-'80s about the TV coverage of JFK's assassination (I was a freshman in college, so in a way that's my first adult memory), I came to the concept of a "visual ballad" -- those sequences of images that TV news shows hastily string together while a great event or disaster is happening, adding new images as they come along. Eventually they become fixed sequences that are used to remember, relive, and commemorate the event with all its emotions. I think the coverage of the Challenger disaster, which happened while I was writing that book, must have contributed to the arising of that concept. The deadly ideogram of that smokeburst and then the two diverging trails in the air, Christa's mother's uncomprehending blank face looking up . . . those sequences engrave themselves into your heart the way ballads must have when the news was carried by songs.

Danny, the Challenger disaster is most certainly one of those events that never leave our hearts and minds. Like Kennedy's assasination, and 911...there are those events that will always be a part of defining us...reminding us of our age and where we were at that particular place in time.

Don't forget the permanent base on the moon that was supposed to have been built before 2001 so we could discover that monolith. Great post, Danny.


Your essay on your school days in Chicago, fantastic. What can I say, it was one laugh after another. Keep singing!!!!


Hello Danny - I was driving home from work tonight, south on I75 from St.Petersburg to Bradenton, Florida when I glanced at the car next to and a little further ahead of me and saw what looked like the Lollipop Dragon on a sign in the back window. I tried to get closer and I swear it was Lollipop. The car was for a realtor out of Coral Springs, Dreams Come True Realty. What a trip down memory lane that was! I worked at SVE for 15 years, from 1979 to when they were sold at auction in 1984.We share amny of the same memories. It was a great place to work and I do miss the freedom, the diversity, the openness and so many of the people. I looked up Lollipop Dragon tonight and that's what led me here. Glad to see a familar face from SVE and Chicago (I went through your pages). Glad to see you're doing well, too. Thanks for the memory!

Cathy Mijou

Hi Danny,

Geez, I just came across your blog. If you recall, I did the software for the Lollipop Dragon Series for SVE. Time Adventures and Money Adventures.

Drop me a line.
Tony Antonucci

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