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January 16, 2006


I like Latifah. I wasn't a fan of her rap music, but I agree she does have a very natural acting style.

Danny, once again...a great review. As I watched Queen Latifah open the Golden Globes last night, I had the very same thoughts "what is it about this woman, everyone loves her, she seems to do no wrong". She just has such a great honest, open energy about her...she is like a magnet, drawing you in. We rented Beauty Shop a few weeks ago, and I was so surprised that I actually enjoyed it! Just a sweet movie...nothing Oscar worthy, but she is just so damn likable. I'm looking forward to Last Holiday...once again, thanks for pointing in the direction of a good movie

Love this review I read everything you said about Queen Latifah I thought..Oh Yeah! It would be great to see her do some of those Judy Holiday films...It also might be great to see her do them on stage, too! "Bells Are Ringing"?? Oh Yes!!!!
And, I had a very strange thought about Latifah and why people feel a comfort with her besides all the things you said and maybe because of them...Her size!(Which I hope she does not "Skinny Down" unless it's for Health Reasons...) This may sound strange to some people, but...because she has this generous body and a Beautiful face with the most appealing smile, I think she straddles the two worlds of the OLd Stereotypical Black Woman from the past, and the more 'real' today black woman in the Alfre Woodard, Halle Berry Angela Bassett black woman style...and what I mean by 'real' is...the three women I mentioned would not be cast as Maids, Mammy's or Housekeepers in the same way that Hattie McDaniel, Louise Beavers, etc., were cast and "acceptable" back 'in the day'....And frankly, I don't think 'the day' has changed all that much when you look deep into the hearts of the masses of White People who still harbor an underlying racism there...and the real characters you speak of in films today as opposed to back then are still the exception to the rule in many respects...(With the exception, again, of some of the many 'Black Films' of today, now Directed by black men 7 women, where you see all kinds of people...nice, not nice, ambitious, mean, nasty, spiteful, loving,etc...)

I thought of the many films that Whoopie Goldberg made after her "breakthrough" stage could say somewhat the same things you have said about Latifah...and the kinds of stories that the powers that be, found or had written or adapted for Whoopie Goldberg because she was "Boxoffice" know? (Except for the fact that it took much longer for us to see Whoopie Goldberg as a romantic figure...and even then, ir wasn't what Latifah has already done or will probably do in the future) Very thought provoking,dear Danny....And by the way, I LOVE Queen Latifah! I think she has an even GREATER career ahead of her...and I'm truly happy for her...Thanks for once again writing such an interesting and provocative post Danny...(Hope I didn't go on too much...and if I did, I apologize)

What a fantastic review - you should do it professionally. Your knowledge and your critical acclaim is amazing. I also think you may have the start of a script for a remake for Queen Latifah!

I have always found Queen Latifah incredibly beautiful and motivating. I cannot put my finger on why but I cannot stop looking at her - she is amazing in every way. I can't wait to see this movie, especially now that I have read your post.

Interesting perspective, Danny, and I agree with others' comments that you could do this film reviewing as a full-time gig.

I've never seen a QL film. But it has been interesting to see her transformation from a rap artist to a mainstream film star and celebrity. Of course, Will Smith blazed this trail. But, as you rightly point out, QL was a less likely candidate for this, not possessing standard-issue film "beauty."

I remember hearing an interview with Quincy Jones in which he was asked why he was developing a sitcom starring a rap artist (Smith in 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air.') His explanation was interesting: Rappers are performers. A singer can, I suppose, rely on a song to give weight to their performances. But a rapper must project a persona. Otherwise, the words have as much power as my reading aloud the ingredients from a can of beans. (Although Dylan was hysterical when he read off the general store inventory--including beans--in a scene from 'Billy the Kid.') In fact, most rappers inhabit characters which may be rooted in themselves, but aren't exactly who they are. That's acting. Small wonder then, that so many of them are turning to acting.

But if QL is as good as you say she is, then she may end up outshining all who have come into film from rap.

I've never seen her in anything, personally. But now, I am intrigued.

Mark Daniels

I agree. There is something very likeable about her that has made her a very surprising movie star.

I do find it interesting that American audiences accept a black woman who's over size 10 very easily, but would be calling a white woman of the same size "overweight."


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