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January 20, 2006



oh i love that word!!!dag! thanks danny!!!!
and it makes me sick about 20 years for pot for anyone!!!!
pot is not a big bad scary drug!!!
you may get the munchies but that's about it!

don't you know everyone in prison is inocent? all victims. when you travel abroad weed is no joke. she does not look the sweet inocent part. sorry she got caught maybe. but the sentence is way too long for the crime. but abroad they don't see things the way we do. it is their country. it like here tourist think they can do what they cant do at home and getting caught is a dose of reality. and weed is usualy the drug most addicts tried first. it is a stepping stone for more serious drugs. thats the problem people think it is just weed, but other countries don't think as liberal as we do they take it very serious. but as i said 20 years is way out of line.

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