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January 31, 2006


Danny, I loooove watching the Oscars too. My family knows not to bother me the whole day, while I watch all the past Red Carpets on the E! channel. (pathetic, I know). There just is something about the Oscars, as you say. I think it's all political hype and who spends the most on pumping their picture. And in the grand scheme of life, so unimportant. Actors have become the most self-aggrandizing bunch of people around. And, with all that, I love it. I adore John Stewart and hope he doesn't blow it as host. Maybe it's the escape and fantasy of it all. I only know, that for that one night, I'm completely sucked in and love it. And you know, I'll be watching and rooting when Leah wins her Oscar!!!

I still despise the Oscars for overlooking Sky Captain. I will never forgive them.

What's ESPECIALLY pissing me off about this year's awards is that I applied AND interviewed to work on Capote, and I didn't f***ing get the job. Bloody hell.

I think the Oscars, like the Super Bowl, have become secular rituals -- that people participate in even if they don't really care -- like going to your uncle's Passover seder. The Oscars were much more fun when it wasn't taken so seriously. On one hand, I think it's great that movies like Capote get nominations. But, in reality, most people haven't seen the movie, and most have little interest in it. Even the stars are less impressive than years ago. Is Matt Damon today's Hollywood royalty? The truth of the matter is most movies suck. But just like you don't want to disappoint your uncle at the seder, so you watch the Oscars every year, hoping for something exciting to happen. I know I will. And I know afterwards, I'll say, "Boy, was that boring."

I'm just disappointed that "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" wasn't nominated for best art direction, score, and adaptation.

Huzzah for the costume nomination, though!

and, at least Jon Stewart's hosting. My friends and I are all big fans.

We're having a big Oscar party. My mom sent down my prom dress (that looks like something that could have been worn to the Oscars in the 40's!), and we're going to all get dressed up and pretend we're there. Yeah, we're a bunch of dorks, I know.

"Weren't Alicia Keys and Kanye West the name of those Florida counties that had their butterfly ballots impounded?"

I practically spit wine all over my keyboard there, Danny. That is definitely the most hilarious thing I've read all week. The Retropolitan's comment comes in second.

Also - just so you know - anyone is into music will tell you the Grammy's are complete crap. I was also happy when Wilco won, but it was in direct proportion with the amount of money made, not the record itself.

This is sad: I have only seen 4 movies that were released in the past year, and one of those was on DVD. They are:

1. the Wallace & Gromit movie
2. the Harry Potter movie
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Me and You and Everyone We Know

The only one I really liked was that fourth one. I like small, artsy films better, but by the time I hear about them, they're gone from our one decent theater in Baltimore.

I loved JUNEBUG -- one of the most affecting, gently realistic American movies in recent years -- and I'm glad to learn from you that the actress got nominated. I would also nominate it for a screenplay award -- I have no idea whether it got a nomination or not.(Hey, Danny, why is a fine writer and editor ignoring the writing awards?)

Richard, don't the actors just make those lines up?

I'm sure I'll weigh in on the other nominations before the show, God help you all. I'm praying that the nominated song from "Hustle & Flow" wins just so we can hear someone like Dame Judi Dench say, "And the Oscar goes to 'It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp.'"

you would change your mind about best supporting actress if you saw north country. francis has another shocking and amazing performance. you'd love it.

This is funny, i like reading those comments and predictions in retrospective, they always turn out to be wrong, and boy you were wrong big time.
I'm so Glad reese witherspoon won for "walk the line", and also rachel weisz for "the constant gardener", just one small notice, all the actors who win oscars (except Phillip seymour hoffman) happen to take the wrong direction for movie choices, Reese didn't exactly shine in both "rendition" and the dreadful "pENELOPE", and rachel barely was in something, they say the oscar is a monster career launching send, i'm saying it's a career wrecking devil.

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