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December 20, 2005


Did you read the article in the NY Times, The Winner Is Only Acting Gay?

I agree with you about Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaul, and especially about the egregious Nathan Lane. But good heavens, surely they could have found a gay actor who is "brave" enough to assay one of the roles? Or do they read as "too" gay? And it would be untrue for these characters not to be as miserable and conflicted as they are, given the era in which they live and love. After all Matthew Shepard was murdered in Wyoming just a few years ago.

There are stories about men or women who are able to make a happy life for themselves. This just isn't it. Let's face it, except for the really cute puppy in City Hall in Burlington, the story of my civil union and 26 year relationship, is pretty dull. ;-)

Sorry, but I feel as strongly about queer issues as you do about Jewish portrayals.

(Happy Hanukkah and, for those of us in the frozen north, Happy Stolstice!)

You're absolutely right, Lisa, and I didn't mean to imply that this film should have been a happy story when that's just not what it's about. Obviously the repressed misery these characters face is completely real and there should be plenty of films that portray a range of gay characters just as not all Jews in films need to be funny, self-deprecating, and talk with a Yiddish accent (but some should!). But I still think that if there HAD been a film about gay cowboys who were happy together it may have gotten made but it would have been with unknown actors and relegated to the art house circuit. I'm not surprised at all that they didn't use "real" gays in the lead roles. I can just hear the board room meetings: "too gay!" Makes me think of the casting of "The Diary of Anne Frank" in which they blatantly passed over the "Jewish looking" young actresses of the day and chose supermodel Millie Perkins for the role. (The woman who played Mrs. Frank, Gusti Huber, the grandmother of actress Samantha Mathis, was later accused of being a Nazi sympathizer during the war. Oy.)

As far as a film about your 26-year relationship with Melissa—I'm in! Who should we cast in the lead roles?

Great post, Danny.

I can't get excited about seeing this movie, perhaps because I read the Annie Proulx story in a collection of her cowboy short fiction, and was absolutely haunted and devastated by it.

Now, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was phenomenal. So was the Lemony Snicket movie, which I just watched with Gabe last night. But most of the time the mind makes its own imagery, which then competes with Hollywood's innumerable artistic and political compromises.

Thanks for the review.

Hi Danny...
I haven't seen this movie yet..I'm PRAYING it will arrive this week (SAG you know?) cause....I very very much want to see it...!
Trying not to read or see too much about it, you know? I'll come back after I have seen it, if it happens fairky soon...and comment about it, at that time.

I loved your 'rememberence' on my blog!!! I laughed out loud any number of times, and I especially cackled at Liz and Simone lighting the candles....LOL, LO, LOL.
Thanks for stopping by and playing this fun 'game'.

Incidentally, did you ever go back and read the "which One Is A Lie", answers??? I hope so, my dear.

danny, I have not seen the movie...but I love reading your reviews. Your review of Walk the Line is what led me to seeing that movie and I loved it. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll...I'm completely flattered! I will put you on mine as soon as I figure out how the damn thing works!

havent seen the movie yet. Read the Annie Proulx story it was made from. Somehwo, knowing what real cowboys are like, the original short story did not seem plausible when I read it a couple of years ago, and while it might be a great movie - the premise of 2 gay cowboys does not entirely convince me.

went and saw Walk the Line last night, based on your review. Only nitpick is this - Joaquin Pheonix ought to learnt to play more than 2 or 3 chords on his martin guitar. Guitar-geeks like me look for things like that, you know.

Mr.Miller, I enjoyed your article on Joan Crawford. I was somewhat offended at your comment about right wing fundamentalist. If anyone got a bad rap it was Mel Gibson for not getting a nomination for Passion. You do have a gift for the gab, I must say. Enjoy your work. Marilynn aka right winger

An amusing review. I never did see this movie and never really had the desire to. Although I am fully accepting of people's sexual orientation, part of me was revolted by the thought of having to watch two guys make out on screen. Probably just my strict Christian relatives whispering in my ear, "It's a sin!"
Now, however, my lack of desire has more to do with the film getting undeserved hype when it came out. Everyone I've talked to who has seen it was fairly unimpressed with the film and certainly didn't think it deserved an Academy Award.
I may still see it eventually, out of sheer curiosity, but am not in a hurry.

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