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December 13, 2005


"Bring on the bubbly, pass out the Beluga, sprinkle on some white truffles and saffron threads, and I am so there." I'm with you, Danny - ALL the way!

Well, well, Plutophobia eh? I don't have it actually.

Just a definite feeling that I don't deserve it. I wonder what that's called ... eh?

Fantastic post! (just for your "doxophobia!")

I figure your first book should address some of these issues -- both in the wealth of material, and in the material wealth the book will surely bring you.

Write on.


Write your novel and watch what happens.


Great post, Danny...Who Knew???
Plutophobia....And a number of the others...I never heard those names before...but I certainly understand those feelings...Isn't it wonderful that Kendall has none of that? Keep on keeping on, Danny...and Plutophobia will disappear as the truck filled with Caviar pulls up in front of your Gorgeous Historic Hovel! (lol)
Love You!

Danny, if you decide one day that you no longer want your money, I'll take it. I promise to give it a good home!

Oh no, I want it, and I wouldn't mind some of those retro-dollars too!

I was reading about the symptoms of plutophobia which include shaking, heart palpitations, inability to speak clearly, a fear of going mad, a sensation of detachment from reality, or a full blown anxiety attack. Oy, sounds like my morning checklist!

But I'm encouraged by the signs of gaining control over the phobia: "when you can talk about your former fear symptoms as though you are describing a movie where the character is someone else, not you." Hooray, that sounds like every post in my blog!

I have the same kind of prejudice against rich people, unless I think they made their money doing something creative. For instance, famous writers, actors, musicians = people who earned their money. Oh, and they have to be legitimate artists, not Jessica Simpson or the Olson twins. (I am rolling my eyes at myself.) But people who made money doing boring business stuff that I don't understand? They have to be crooks and they're ostentatious idiots. (Another self-directed eyeroll; I know that I am being prejudiced.)

I linked to this on my site. Somehow, I associated it with Tamar's post on something that happened in her class.


Danny, can you send me some of that Canadian money that's just lying around in that photo.
Sure could use that!

I'm also a Honda Civic driver, wedging my chariot between Cadillac Escalades, Mercedes SUVs, lots and lots of minivans, at my kids' private day school.

And while my kids' classmates will be traveling this upcoming Chanukah break to Florida, to Israel, to family floating resorts (aka cruises in the Caribbean), we will stay in Toronto, build snowmen and take a walking tour to see the "monster homes" in the neighborhood.

Damn, here I am; trying to earn a living (on a holy Sunday that is!) and instead of trying to get the cash register kajinging, I am reading about plutophobia! It's been a while that a text got such a hold on me. Love it! Thanks for giving me my smile back today! Will certainly come back again.

that was quite interesting..
thank you for ur information and thoughts

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