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December 27, 2005


Danny, I got to see the movie last week, having been given passes to a preview. I knew nothing about the film prior to getting the tickets, so I quickly Googled it. Okay, links to The Graduate, I thought...should be good.
It was good with a small "g" and worthy of just a video rental; Shirley MacLaine, however, was outstanding. But the movie was just good. How good, you ask? I got up out of the theater and the movie was out of my head like a puff of smoke--there was really nothing to hold on to, nothing to discuss about the film with my movie partner.
It's as if "we came, we saw, we left" was the end all be all.

Thanks for that review! Money saved.

By the way, Jen Anniston reminds me of Helen Hunt. I didn't understand Helen's appeal during Mad About You and I don't quite understand Jen's.

Danny, I don't feel as negative about the movie as you...thought is was okay...I think my expectations for movies are so low these days, that if I laugh a few times and don't fall asleep...I don't consider it a bad movie. Of course nothing could compare to "The Graduate" (as you know I quoted the line about Plastics in my post inspired by none other than YOU!)Jennifer Aniston is beautiful to look at, but is missing a spark. Shirley Maclain was a bit over the top, and Kevin...well, he has one dimension. (if I may add, Courtney Cox had much better delivery of lines and comedic timing than Aniston ever did on Friends...I think she was overlooked). But keep reviewing...I love your take on the movies!

OY!!!! I wrote a term paper on "The Graduate" in 10th grade (and I got a pretty good grade on it too), so, I feel a bit attached to the movie. I knew from the start that this couldn't be worth seeing from the time I heard the line "You slept with Dad?" in the preview. Ew!!!

It's a good thing I don't get to see many movies in the theatre these days...

LOL, LOL, LOL! I read this from beginning to end Danny..knowing I would not see this film anyway till maybe it's on Showtime..(in about 5 minutes from now from reading your review...!) and I LOVED your review...I give your review, 6 stars...This film sounds like the disaster that wasn't waiting to happen....but HAPPENED, while waiting to get into the theatre!! OY, OY OY!

I gotta be honest...Kevin Kostner would be the last person I would think of to play the "older" Benjamin...Love the idea of Shirley MacLaine as the Much Older Mrs. R. (Have you seen "In Her Shoes" She is truly inspired in that movie...not over the top, at all....Right On The Money, I would say....I hope she cleans up in the Award Sweepstakes this year...)
Anyway....I love reading your reviews...and your whole blog, of course, too!

Hilarious. I had no intention of seeing this movie till I read your review -- now I've got to see it for myself. (But I'll wait to rent it.)

I think it must be set in 1997 because that was when the first draft was written and no one bothered to update it. And Costner must have semed right for Benjamin because he and the character are both emotionally numb.

I like Jennifer but watching the previews of this movie made me twitch. I had no idea (even with all the talk about the Graduate in the clips) that it was actually wound around it plotwise - I just thought that they were trying to give people a reference point for a younger man/older woman relationship.

Anyway, you've done a good thing Danny and I truly thank you from the bottom of my pocket book.

Movies cost $11.00 in Los Angeles?!?!

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