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December 23, 2005


Happy Blogiversary, Danny! I have to state publically that if it wasn't for you I would not have started blogging less than a month later. I think this is the second time since I met you that you have saved my self-expressional life.

Am not sure how to thank you for that ...

I will change your title on my blogroll immediately. Congratulations and good luck!

I don't know if I want to change my blogroll! I liked Andy Hardy. It was...retro.

What is it with starting blogs in December? You are just one of several bloggers I know, myself included, that began a blog a year ago, or two years ago, in December.

In any case, mazel tov on reaching this milestone. It *is* a big achievement to regularly let strangers into your life and reveal your multifaceted self--perhaps that's the best kind of therapy there is!

I was thrilled to discover that Andy Hardy lived on in you -- but okay, he can stand to be retired again. Looking forward to future words of wisdom from Danny Miller!

Happy Chanukah to you and your family.

Danny, congratulations on settling on a new title. I like it! And it should prevent me from my bad habit of accidentally typing "Andy" instead of "Danny" in comments.

How do you find out what people searched to find your blog?

I read and appreciate your long posts. I'm always happy when bloglines tells me you've updated! It's true they then disappear into the archive - but isn't that the way life is, too?

I loved discovering this blog - i hear your voice very clearly when I read your writing - I was laughing at your musing if anyone cares about this stuff - I find myself wondering the same thing when I wrote in my blog, but lo and behold, you are writing and that is the most important thing (and entertaining countless people out here in blog-land!) So goodbye Andy Hardy and welcome Jew Eat Yet?

As always, this post...I will miss Andy Hardy but at least we still have YOU! (by the way...can we assume that adorable little boy slouching on the great big chair, is you?!

Happy Blog Birthday, Danny. I'm a newbie, just discovered you today when the Old Old Lady of the Hills sent me here after my rant on my blog about Christmas. Go read it, you'll find it amusing. I LOVE your title. It's fits perfectly. And that's a quote I use all the time, too. I'm glad to have found you. I think we might become blog buddies.

Mazal Tov!

..and a rose by any other name is still...
an always warm and intelligent read.

Happy Chanukah and a Happy New Year.

Congrats on your being a whole year old. I found this blog quite by accident while checking out child stars of the past and your mention of Nina from Zoom! came up. While a friend of mine was a student at Boston University (or was it Boston College?) he worked at the financial aid office and his boss was awfully familiar .... Yup! Nina! He found an old Zoom 45 he had at home for her to autograph and they cracked up about it.

Congratulations on your year anniversary and on a great title! As a note I recognized the line you were quoting - totally one of my favorite movies and favorite lines. I'm very glad you're going to continue your wonderful writing - this is one addiction I encourage. :) Happy Hannukah!

happy anniversary andy! er...danny!

i very muchly enjoy reading your blog...big thanks to your sister for pointing me in its direction!

here's to another year of ramblings and reflections on the great internets!

Happy blogosversary, Danny - and Happy Hanukkah too. I've changed the name on my blogroll :-)

Danny: On this momentous occasion, your blogiversary and change of blogership (new name), I want to let you know what a great job you have done this past year. I appreciate you sharing your innermost thoughts to thousands of us loyal fans - I'm just glad you are still my friend after such fame and soon-to-be fortune. Just don't get blogged down in the coming year, as we want to read your blogs for a long, long time!

Love, Michael J.

Hi Danny,

I watched Michael send his post to you and wanted to add my two cents. I have enjoyed your blog this last year so much. The entries have made me laugh and made me cry. I have read them all and it has helped me keep in touch with what is happening in your life.

Happy Hannukah to you and your family and Happy One Year Anniversary to you.

Adam is home for the holidays and we are gong to San Francisco for a seven course CHinese dinner followed by several comedians. It is called kosher comedy has been recomended as a fun place for Jews to go on Christmas.



Maybe you'll end up being inspired to just change the title once a year... I have a feeling that people might be expecting more talk about food now! :)

Happy holidays. Or Merry Christmahanakwanzika, as they say on tv commercials.

Congrats on a year of writing! The addiction factor -- yeah, we all understand that. Goodbye Andy Hardy. Hello Danny Miller.

"Not yet. Jew?"

I'm not sure how big this batch - my first - of latkes will be, but I appreciate your tips on freezing and baking when served later! Turns out the wikipedia has a link to a latke recipe. That's the one I plan to use. I'm hoping to leave out the secret ingredient so many friends have mentioned, namely the grated fingertips.

Incidentally, I don't like the name of your blog, but I like "Danny Miller's blog" very much, so who cares if it has a corny header at the top? "Andy Hardy" didn't do anything for me either!

Congratulations on a year of great work in this newish medium! I'm glad we're neighbors.

Hi Danny..
I swear I left a comment for you days ago!!! Shoot...Well, whatever!
I loved Andy Hardy Writes A Blog, but I love this new name, too! I congratulate you on your one year Anniversary, my dear....THAT is quite a milestone! And I thank you and Kendall for launching me into the is utterly fascinating and surprising out here/there, isn't it?
Glad to see Marglit came by!
I wish you the Happiest of Hanukah's my dear dear Danny....and many many more to come...I so look forward to every new post of yours Danny!

Is it one year already? Just know, I'll read you whatever you call yourself, even if it's "Susie's Brother." Much love and writing for the new year and beyond!

I don't believe putting the word Jew in your title would scare people off. In fact, I think it would attract more of the ladies.

Andy will be missed but whatever you call it I'm sure Andy will live on in spirit.

Congratulations on your blogiversary, Danny, and may you enjoy many more -- and more to the point, may we, your readers, enjoy many more years of your distinctive, beautifully designed, open-hearted, humorous, informative, and frequently moving blog. As you've noted, it's a thrilling experience to get to know people through this medium, an opportunity we wouldn't have had even a decade ago.

I didn't have to change your named on my blogroll, fortunately, because it's just "Danny Miller." That's good enough for me.

Mazel Tov on your Blah-giversary. I just started reading you today. I too remember when, shortly after writing my first post, I got a comment from someone I knew! Of course, I didn't realize at the time how obsessive bloggers were about their stats, and that he had immediately been notified about the birth of my blog because of the link I posted to his.

More or less how I found you, BTW.


A belated congrats. Same great blog, great new package!

I have a blogiversary coming up, but I can't even imagine affecting people the way you do. I tip my hat to you, and look forward to many more good reads.

Danny, congrats on a year. I, too, have really enjoyed checking in with you now and then. I'm coming up on a year of my phlog (photo-log). I take a picture a day with my cellphone and post it at I said I would do it for a year and I will. One and a half months left! Check it out. There's even a pic of the Blisters from a charity event where they played on 11/30/05 (Phlog 10). And speaking of the Blisters, you may be interested to know that, by popular demand, we are starting to run the original edit of the commercial for Quaker. It includes the whole oatmeal song and Spencer's line "It will help you rock efficiently." It's a long story how this came to be but let me just say I consider a victory after a 5-month effort.

Anyway, congrats again. And I like the new blog name.

I can't believe in all the conversations we had in the last couple of weeks that you didn't mention that you were changing the name of your blog! I'm way behind on my reading but send you my approval for the new name-I believe it's one of the ones I voted for? I think I mainly voted for titles with the word "jew" in them-somehow they just rang true.

Danny, I'm glad you started your blog a year ago. I especially like your posts where you remember and reflect on your own education. And I'm glad you changed the name. I guess it's because I've never seen one of his movies, but for some reason I associate Mickey Rooney with those commercials he does for walkers or canes (or something like that). Anyway, I like the new name, too!

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