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December 28, 2005


"... 'broken home' is not so much broken as it is expanded," and
"while there are still moments where I feel guilty about the lost fantasy of the Andy Hardy-like family unit, I realize that this is more about my own childhood projections than the life experience of my daughter."

I love what you say in those two statements above, Danny. Both of them made my brain start whirring immediately. Beautifully put!

How lucky Leah is to have such a caring, loving parent as you, who works so hard to create that expanding family with so much love through all the moments of discomfort and pain.

Leah looks marvellous! Happy Birthday Leah!

Happy Birthday, Leah!

Happy Birthday to Leah.

Wonderful idea of going en masse to the ceramic place and making "impressionable" gifts for your daughter.

I LOVE the top right-hand picture in which Leah looks like a misplaced "Midwest farmer's daughter."

But she is a midwest farmer's daughter. Midwest Poland that is...

What a wonderful post, Danny...It's terrific that you and Sophie have tried to repair the "broken" home syndrome as much as possible, given that you two are not that family unit anymore...And that Leah has step-parents that have true meaning in her life...Lovely to read about...You are a wonderful father Danny and I love reading about the love YOU have for your very dear daughter..I wish Leah a Very Very Happy Birthday...!

That ceramic place sounds fantasic! What a WONDERFUL idea!!!

Danny, I'll just say...she's so lucky to have a dad who loves her as much as you do. She is beautiful on the outside, but sounds like she has an inside to match.

This is an incredible story and post. I had tears in my eyes by the end.

One of the things that is fascinating to me is that video footage of you at 11. I wonder what we would see in the background if we were given a glimpse like that on our own lives. What an incredible gift to look back at it through adult eyes and understand a little of how Andy Hardy evolved.

Leah was born with long red hair? Holy cow! Happy birthday WEEK, Leah! (Always hold out for a birthday "week" or even a birthday "month" while you can still get away with it. I was able to take this all the way to nineteen. :)

Leah is a lucky and beautiful girl. Happy Birthday to her.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, I will pass them on to Leah (who may then ask, "WHO are these people?"). And yes, by the way, she WAS born with long red hair which thrilled me to no end because it is the exact shade of my mother, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Gotta love those recessive genes.

Very Happy Birthday, Leah!!

Danny, your daughter is beautiful!!

I have just discovered your blog, and this post is the one that made me cry. These are beautiful words about the reflexive and cyclical nature of parenting, and to hear them from a father, even, is very touching. I am sure she had a wonderful and memorable birthday. :)

so I googled my name and this came up and it is kinda weird that a girl with my name was born in the same month as me. Of course we are like 14 years apart, but I am on the 8th of dec. and she is on the 28th. Freaky.Leah isn't that common of a name, spelled the with an h especially. Weird.

well i was googling my name becaus of a bebo email lol n i jus thot id agree wit the othr leah lol i dunt no any leahs in my school : D bt i luv bein unique!!

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