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November 03, 2005


I saw that about the American Girls thing. Crazy. As for Bush and Alito and Miers, I'm with you. It's all adding up to be a brilliant check mate. I just hope the dems can see through it.

I love you, Danny...and no, we have never met.

If you were Harriet Miers' replacement (even without judicial experience) I would support your nomination. Somehow, it seems that common sense and compassion have a lot to do with jurisprudence. (Or is that my own personal psychosis?)

Best wishes to Molly and Samantha. May they live happily ever after!

Love this post, Danny. I think you are very correct in the Harriet Miers observation--re:The Bush Choice; he has done his duty and now he can put up the guy HE and his cronies really want....Help And DEliver Us!!!

You might tell Molly, The Doll, that I'm happy to perform same sex marriage ceremony's!

My guesses:

Bridge Over the River Kwai
American Graffitti
Ghost Dad
The Conformist
Legal Eagles

God bless you, Danny - you've made me laugh and cry. I also find the passionate defense of J. Alito very odd, especially passionate defense of Alito by highly educated women. But then, I'm a liberal, so that means, of course, that I'm automatically ill-informed and suckered in by the likes of a party with no vision or ideas. Silly me!

Interesting information you have about American Girl - I wonder now if my sister-in-law will stop her subscription being that she's an Evangelical Christian Fundamentalist Bush-Supporter. She'll probably have to do something drastic to pay penance for supporting lesbians all these years!

Just curious since you seem to learn a lot about people from their favorite movies:

Would you have married your wife if she told you that her favorite movie was say, "Deuce Bigelow, Male Gigolo?"

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