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November 18, 2005


Danny, no mention of Jane doing the Playtex bra commercials in the late seventies, early eighties?

Maybe you'd better "hook up" Neil from Citizen of the Month with Jane and her ample bosom... ;)

Oh, you're right, Pearl! I had every intention of mentioning those spots for that 18-hour bra designed for "us full figure gals...cross your heart!" Even in the 1970s Jane Russell was every TV-watching boy's fantasy. I never really got what the 18 hours meant, though. I guess the amount of time you could wear that tank-like brassiere before the straps would start to draw blood?

This is great stuff, Danny. There's no one I admire so much as someone whom I disagree with but like anyway. Especially when they do the stuff that Jane Russell has done.

Leah's upbringing is priceless. You could not possibly be doing better than letting her see these iconic figures and movies.

And those nephews! Oy!

Hey Danny...
I love Leah telling you..'This a Mooovie!!!' LOL, Jane Russell is such an interesting combination of contradictions, isn't she? As you said, WAIF is a fantastic organization and was unique for it's time...I don't think there was anything like this before, and certainly not for a
l-o-n-g time afterward...In the late 70's I think she was going through some difficult personal problems...she flirted with Primal Therapy with someone in Santa Barbara...very brave, I thought...I know how hard THAT Is! An amazing person...what a great nighht at 'the movies'!

People genuinely striving to follow Christ should be fairly able to get along with and appreciate anybody. The New Testament tells people, "To the extent it depends on you, seek to live in peace with everyone..."

There are fatheads who call themselves Christians, but are really religious legalists.

The Christian approach should be to love all our fellow sinners even as we recoil at sin.

I like your profile of Russell. You had a different experience meeting her than my wife did meeting Lana Turner many years ago.

Mark Daniels

Mark, thanks for that take on real Christians as opposed to hypocritical ones. You can smell that kind of hypcrisy a mile away which is why I so appreciated Jane Russell since she was devoid of it. But your last line begs for its own post on your blog. I for one am anxious to know what happened during your wife's Lana Turner encounter!

Wow, I wish I knew about that screening. I honestly didn't even know Jane Rusell was still with us.

And your lecture about the movie's values to Leah. How amusing. There's worse stuff going on in a typical episode of "The Simpsons."


can't go wrong with Jane Russell!

What a great profile of Jane Russell. As a kid, I watched all her movies in the 50's and really liked her, so I enjoyed your blog.
And your daughter, Leah, sounds way too cool. I'm new to your blog, so will have to cruise around to find out her age....but she sounds very special and you, even more so, for exposing her to such important things in life.

What an amzing blog, perhaps the best! But before I go on with the barrage of well earned compliments, as a Jane Russell fan allow me to illuminate the history behind the infamous Howard Hughes bra: she never wore it because it was poorly made. During the Outlaw shoot she simply took one of her own bras, encased the seams in tissue (HH wanted no seams) and pulled the straps to the side.Jan mentions this in her own bio. Jane was also very ample in the hip area as well and should be remembered as having the roundest fullest back side in Hollywood apart from a post Cincetta Sophia Loren. With so many actresses today fighting genetics and being chosen for a hipless/bottomless prepubescent appearance, Jane stands as a beacon of womanhood.
Though NOT just because of her appearance, she is a one of a kind individual-a mint original par excellence.

Right on, SuperAmanda, and don't forget Doris Day's well shaped backside as well. The insanity is that by today's absurd Hollywood standards all of these women would probably be considered obese.

it's time to get hollywood's beauty standards back to the old ways!!! not the 23 inch waist...i don't feel like putting on a real corset to achieve that.

leah's response is fab...that kid's got a good head on her shoulders and will probably end up making movies herself!

Why are conservatives automatically labeled "mean-spirited"? I've known plenty of mean-spirited liberals.

JC, she called herself "mean spirited"!

October 7th/2009

Please tell me if Ms Jane (Dyle) Russell has ever really retire for I have a RE-OCURRING DREAM that MY WIFE may have lost Her Life due to an over-dose of Permatyine, similar to a Morphine injection, for my Wife, a Ms Janet Ellen Simon; I feel according telling me in this CLEAR DREAM a Ms Russell with make-up with DISGUISE FOR HOLLY-WOOD Film all grande, NEW INCLUDING
mating as PAL, who became my Reincarnated Daughter who also STAGED Named; a
Ms Julie Iyne also known is a Janet Leigh and her middle name is Ellen; my TRUE WIFE'S;

..A Miss Katherine (KATE) HOLT STARRING WITH ALL STARS great including a Mr. John Wayne is similar to my TOTAL Husband: A GREAT GUY; what I love about my HUSBAND is he is all FAITH; and some calls this all CATHOLIC;

..To me it means all TRUE Men and Women need to keep apart following their MARRIAGE; and I can fully insure a Children Services called 6 fully lied to me; not my Husband True;

Two women: One is Called a Ms Janice Doetzel lied on PAPER which I feel and
I am a loving HUMAN and not a SCAPEGOAT;
and for this handsome ANIMAL is a FRIEND;
not a fiend and I call all those that called me unhygienic; please look at the describe for we and we are SUPERIOR at
THE FAMILY; what has occurred from two women on PAPER plus a WOMAN who was near sued for SLANDAR and forcing our family apart and here name who is polite a Ms Kim Spicer.!; now finally; please tell why all the PEOPLE in the World help (US) COST-FREE; WE GENUINELY LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND
THAT INCLUDES OUR WHOLE FAMILY; you all call your-selves Family loving; then by God's sake and there certainly a


A Ms happily Married but (and a Pretty One),

Dear Ms (Gorgeous) Jane Russell:

January, 4th, 2010 Mr. Alexander Simon, Suite #305, 8820 - 85 Street, Boonie Doon, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6C 3C2 780/466-9719 Dear Mister Malcolm McDowell: THE RAGING MOON; For Release & Immediate. For all the Crew of "A Clock-Work Orange"; my true name, Mister Alexander Simon, is an equal Mister Anthoney Burgess Mystery. I viewed this amazing Movie for the first time in a Theatre called The Odion. The fate is a simply matter of Choice not Religious flair; and like the U.S. Calvary many a Man came running late; what is evident in all Mr. McDowell Movies ... is a Man can have His Cake and eat it! NOW HERE IS A SCRIPT NEW AND HEAVY WITH GREED; Two new Enemies are beginning to run wild with Greed due to a RELIGIOUS FLAVOUR; Five other disgruntled Majors are in the heat of Battle; sixteen bullits hit hard and fast; And like the Great American Flag; 600 Red-Skins all true no; Thereby; The British Brigadiers are sent out for an inspection; A GREAT LIST OF CHARACTERS INCLUDE: 1. A new Mister Stanley Kubrick Film. a. A Mr. 'Steve McQueen' like view for the Hero; b. A Ms. Jane Russell of same calibre; c. Second Leads please provide the feel of Mr. Richard Burton and Mr. Michael Caine; d. Second Leads as well a Ms Marilyn Monroe look and Ms Ellen Burstyn view; More for splat'; and thank you for overviewing this Fame to be made with serious.

Read more: Malcolm McDowell - Actors and Actresses - Films as Actor:, Publications

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