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November 26, 2005


There's Live Danny, Blog Danny and December Danny. I love 'em all, but I must confess I do adore the devil that comes out in you when the season of Christ beckons!

Why do people go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving? Why do they line up at 5:00 A.M. to be the first to get into Walmart? I don't get it.

Next weekend, my little community of Ocean Beach, San Diego is having it's annual Christmas parade. It's a fun, if kind of boring, parade, with girl scouts and high school marching bands and the "Geriatic Surfers" dancing down our main street with their surfboards. It's everything the Macy's parade is NOT. And I love it. I love eggnog and brandy, too.

But the shopping frenzy won't stop unless people stop shopping. I've given up trying to figure out the herd mentality.

I love reading your posts Danny. In the increasing lameness of the internet, I am always excited when you have a new post - lots of them in the last few days. Awesome!

The Grinch Libel? Oh, Blog Danny is getting salty!

Danny, maybe you're the Grinch Golem!

Happy Thanksgiving, Danny!

My father and I always got up early to watch the parade back in my hometown. (Well, to be honest, HE always got up. I usually stumbled out in my jammies about halfway through, in time to see the Spider-Man float.) When I moved to NYC, my one great goal was to actually attend the parade on Thanksgiving Day, in my father's honor since he loves it so much. No one would go with me. Not my roommates, not my friends, not my girlfriend, and none of my NYC-local family. So, I went alone and had a fun time with all the cute little kids in the crowd that got absolutely AMAZED when they saw their cartoon heroes fly by.

It was great.

Best part: the kids went craaaaazy over some cartoon guy named "Little Ben" or something like that. You'd think it was Jesus himself descending on Alabama.

Blog Danny is on fire! Blog Danny is righteous! Go Blog Danny!

I'm so glad someoen finally had the guts to call the Thanksgiving Day parade a pale shell of its former self. I actually used to wake up early to catch it with my father and get all excited when Santa Claus showed up. Now they don't even show the parade? Half of the shots are in front of Macy's where there is some awful act going on. Even the balloon suck now. They're either a product placement or something totally weird like that upside down Humpty Dumpty. And we know it is NBC. I don't need to be reminded by having "Joey" accidentally show up in the booth.

Thank God, the Rose Bowl Parade is still a class act.

One more Christmas season rant: You could not pay me to see the Nutcracker again.

I'd consider seeing "The Nutcracker" again if it had something new to offer like Matthew Bourne's re-interpretation that played here last year, complete with evil orphanages, nasty children, sexually ambiguous sugarplum fairies, and references to "Frankenstein" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

LOL...I'm laughing at those last two comments!!! I certainly agree about The Nutcracker!!! It's funny...I never was a Thanksgiving Day Parader Person...if you get my drift...And I saw a very short portion of it this year for some inexplicable reason...GREED!!! GREED!!! GREED!!! That's the key word to me. NBC, like ALL the networks, is just plain commercecrazy greedy! Deliver Me!!!! I'm so glad you wrote about this...someone needs to slap their wrist and say SHAME ON YOU, NBC!!!! And you did!!! Love you Danny!

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