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November 23, 2005


Enjoy that bird, matter what Shirley says...I do dearly hope your Thanksgiving Day is filled with the warmth of family and friends and the great great food I KNOW you will be eating...Do give my love to all who might need a little extra, tomorrow....and HUGE ENORMOUS HUGS to you and Kendall.

happy thanksgiving, danny, to you and your family.

p.s. personally i like your kvetching, as i'm known around my parts as a consummate kvetcher, too.

However you've chosen to mark this day, Danny, I hope that it's been a good one. God bless you and yours!

Mark Daniels

happy thanksgiving, danny!!

there is a holiday for's called festivus. (remember the 'airing of grievences?')

I do hope you had a good feast of friends (OK, yes I am reading a Jim Morrison book right now).

And I do want to thank you for reminding me that the Brady Bunch episode with Greg directing a Thanksgiving movie made want to be film director...or maybe it's just the tryptophan talking!

Four hits from searches in one hour! That's impressive. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Danny. And keep kvetching, and reviewing movies, and telling us about your adventures in obscure corners of medialand, it's lots of fun for us readers.

I hope you had a great holiday, Danny. And who really eats the green beans and onion caserole?

I went to a Thanksgiving dinner with a non-Jewish family for the first time in my life last night. And they actually held hands, bowed their heads, and said grace -- just like on TV! It was so cool.

And then all the men separated from the women and watched a million games of football in the living room -- just like they do on TV!

I don't watch football. I hung out with the women in the kitchen, so I'm not sure if I will be invited back again.

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