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October 03, 2005


The right's attack on the entire judicial branch is on the march. I'm sure Harriet Miers is a fine attorney, but heading up a midmarket law firm in a lower to mid-market legal city like Dallas and following it with stints escorting GW around the country does not sound to me like the training necessary to decide legal questions influencing us all. And though SMU is a good law school, unless Ms. Miers excelled there (i.e. gave the Valedictorian address), I will show my Ivy League bias and go so far as to say Bush is showing little, if any, respect for the high Court. Could Bush actually think any decent lawyer can do this job?

I hadn't heard that she was pro-choice. I had heard that she used to be on the board of directors for a Christian ministry that 'deprogrammed' homosexual youth; I confirmed that she was on the board of said company, but no mention of any kind of nefarious program they had. Time will tell -- the internet always unearths the worst about people.

I wouldn't for a second risk interpreting Operation Rescue's "pro-abortion" accusation as meaning Miers is decidedly pro-choice. I'm sure she will NOT come out as pro-choice in the hearings (even if she secretly is). Yikes, I hadn't heard about her being on the board of that Christian ministry, I will definitely look for more info on that! I just read that Miers once said she thought George W. Bush was the most brilliant man she ever met. Hello?

Oh Danny, thanks for weighing in on this one. I can't figure out what is going on in this country. My special ed lawyer is more qualified...

Ahhh yes, Vicki, I couldn't agree with you more...What the F--- is happening, for God's sake?? I was talking to my brother who I really trust on these matters and the only thing he said that wasn't exactly news was; Miers is so far 'right' she makes Attila The You-Know-What, look mild!!! Well, mostly I feel so hopeless about this administration and having to live through their God-know's- what-decisions in the next three years, that if I weren't so ensconced in these hills I might think about moving to another country, like, Neverland! I mean the Neverland of "Finding Neverland"...please, deliver me from the horrors of what might go down and probably will by these 'Let Them Eat Cake' people....The Republicans suck! Oh, and by the way, does Bush have a brain? That would be news to me. OY indeed, on this, the Eve of the New Year. (And by the way, a very Happy New Year to one and all, especially to you Danny and your very talented wife.)
LOVE your Blog Danny, and your take on Everything!!! And, your great sense of humor. So glad I found you.

For several years (from at least about 1996 to about 2000), Ms. Miers was a member of the Board of Directors for Capstead Mortgage, a publicly traded real estate investment trust company. In 1998, 24 class-action lawsuits were filed against the REIT and some of its officers, alleging the defendants violated federal securities laws by issuing false and misleading statements and omitting disclosure of material adverse information regarding the company's business. This occurred while Ms. Miers was a member of Capstead's Board of directors. The lawsuits were consolidated in Federal Court in Texas, and eventually the court dismissed the lawsuits at the end of 2003.
Sam Nicolas

Hi Danny,
Did you read Maureen Dowd today? Great! You know I was lucky enough to see Bea Lillie 9 times in the Broadway Review, "Inside U.S.A.". She was an incrdible performer, wasn't she? I never did see the original Broadway cast of "Millie"....but I'm so grateful I did get to see this great great performer, (especially in the above review format---it had a GREAT cast, too)do her stuff! I guess this dates me, doesn't it? I'm thrilled to be 'dated'!

Sadly, I'm with you - anything W does reeks to me and this latest move is just one in a long line of equally stupid moves. [groan] The Supreme Court was my soap box back in 2000 and once again in 2004 and the current status is as bad as I expected it to be. "Trust me" as a reason for a nomination makes me weep in agony. But all I can do is blame my own country, a country with enough of a majority of fools to vote the King of Fools back in for another round.

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