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October 05, 2005


Great Great Post, Danny. You write so beautifully; You paint such a vivid picture; I was right in there with you, and your granfather, and all those people who are so incredibly familiar. Happy New Year, once again, to you and dear Kendall.

This post was lovely danny. Happy New Year.

L'shana tovah, Danny. What a beautiful post.


Very nice post. Happy New Year and blessed High Holy Days to you and yours from this Anglo-Catholic "Western Orthodox" Christian!


nice, cozy place you got here :)..

Phenomenal post, Danny. Equal parts Calvin & Hobbes and Cecil B. DeMille.

G'mar Chatimah Tovah. And Mazal Tov.

Although your post was beautiful, it caused an hour long argument with Sophia, who insists that it is nonsensical to say L'shana tova to someone. It should just be Shana tova, which means "Happy New Year." L'shana tova would be more appropriate for a toast, although no one in Israel actually uses that term. Sophia lived in Israel for 10 years. Maybe one of your relatives from Israel can help settle this argument, which she will probably win no matter what the correct answer.

I believe Sophia is right (as always)! I even debated editing out the "L'" after posting this but the reality is that even though it's "wrong" and doesn't make sense in Hebrew, this is the common American usage (check out the millions of websites that use this term). Every American Jew I know goes around saying "L'shana tova" which is obviously short for "L'shana tova tikatevu" which makes sense even though the short form should simply be "shana tova" which I have heard my orthodox relatives say.

Neil, Neil, haven't you learned to stop arguing with Sophia yet about such things? You know the more adamant you are, the more irritated you'll be when you find out that you were dead wrong (which you always will be).

danny darling, no caps (i broke my elbow,can just type with 2 fingers) every day, or so, i am reminded of your mother, in the strangest places or situations and, all of a sudden, there she is, and always i find myself smiling , and then followed by a i loved her and even more, how i loved just being around her..and now reading your experiences with your zadie and shull, i am back on the very old west side with my own delicious grandfather, with whom we lived, and visiting with him in shull and sitting on his are truly amazing, danny, and one of these days we must talk, mostly about regards to kendall and leah and my love to always gave her such naches (if she could see you now) marsha

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